Install "Easy Installer" on iMX6 with update.exe

Hi all,

I have a running iMX6 module with WEC7 and want to reset the module to fatory defaults without a extra PC…

How I can programm the Easy Installer with the \Windows\update.exe direct on the CE?

Dear @Angelo

I’m afraid this process is not supported.

What is your use case? You can directly flash any other WinCe version using the Update tool, without the detour through the Easy Installer.

Regards, Andy

What is your use case?
We have different images which are each installed with the help of a special guide.
In order not to over complicate the instructions unnecessarily, we want to restore the delivery state of the modules. Furthermore, we want to be able to re-store modules in a defenesed state.

The way via the “Enter recovery mode” is possible, but difficult to automate.

Dear @Angelo
Actually the reasoning for us was pretty much the same as for you. In order to avoid different instructions to get the Easy Installer running depending on the module, the OS, OS version and other configurations, we decided to describe the recovery mode only, which puts the module in a known configuration, independent on the previous state.
Regards, Andy