Install Debian/Ubuntu on Colibri T20


I have a Colibri T20 with the Linux image V2.6. There is a software incompatibility, so I want to install Ubuntu or Debian. I have looked at some articles here and in the developer center. According to those articles, if I understood well these are the steps to follow:

Dowload a Linux image from Toradex and unpack.

Dowload Ubuntu or Debian image.

Replace the content of the rootfs folder with the Debian or Ubuntu rootfs.

Create a SD card with that and install it with U-Boot procedure.

I don’t know if this procedure is correct, because I am a beginner. If anyone can help me I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance.

This are the links I have looked. Please if I am completely wrong tell me please, for not losing more time.

If I am completely wrong tell me please. Thanks.

Yes, in general your procedure looks fine. Please note as the Colibri T20 is not quite as well supported in mainline (e.g. still missing NAND driver) as e.g. Apalis/Colibri T30 you are pretty much stuck with our downstream Linux kernel 3.1.10. Further note that graphics/multimedia will only work in a hardware accelerated fashion if using NVIDIA’s proprietary drivers as e.g. part of their Linux for Tegra aka L4T.

The idea is to do that in a Colibri T20 only for test the procedure, and then repeat it in a Colibri T30. Thanks for answering, I will try to do later on and I will comment any error.

As mentioned above Colibri T20 is kind of special due to its raw NAND on-module storage which is not supported in mainline and therefore not really handled well in any regular Linux distribution. I would recommend to skip the Colibri T20 and directly experiment with the Colibri T30 where one can basically just use any Linux ARM distribution with its accompanying concepts.