Install conan on IMX8X

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have a Colibri iMX8X and I need to install conan on my device (Install — conan 1.52.0 documentation) in order to use libraries from a speech recognition and text-to-speech.

So far I haven’t had any luck with the installation. Conan is actually really easy to install on a Linux using python. Could you please give me some guidance with this matter. Can I install conan on my Colibri.

uname -a: Linux colibri-imx8x 4.14.170-3.0.4+gbaa6c24240a4 #1 SMP PREEMPT Tue Apr 21 03:51:34 UTC 2020 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Thank you.

Dear @cae30989, thanks for posting on community!

Before going further, can we ask for more information about your project?

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Dear @gclaudino.tx,

Thank you for your answer.

  • Yes, I haven’t updated the image since I installed it in 2020. I wrote down that it is the Linux console image 3.0.b3

  • I’m using the Viola Plus Carrier Board

  • I tried using the opkg, but it said that there no packages under this name to be found

I have a new Colibri iMX8DX 1GB here, where I could install a new Linux image if necessary. Thank you for your help.

Best regards.