Install Arch Linux ARM on iMX7D / Viola

I’m trying to install Arch Linux ARM on the Viola and am unsure about creating the right UBoot and getting it onto the board. I welcome any guidance / links.

More or less any U-Boot version should do. However, the easiest is probably to either use the stock downstream one shipping factory pre-installed with the Toradex Easy Installer or installing any Embedded Linux BSP demo image and using whatever downstream U-Boot that comes with.

You may of course also download, compile and install mainline U-Boot easiest by just replacing resp. binary in any of our regular demo image packages prior to installing that one just as e.g. outlined here (however, the article refers to downstream). If you pick mainline make sure to use a recent version if targetting the 1GB RAM aka eMMC SKU as @stefan.tx only added such configuration a few days ago.

Please follow the step by step instructions described here :

Thank you Campbell for your work.