Instalation of gcc on Verdin i.MX8 Mini

Is there a way to install gcc on Verdin module using one of the available pre-built binary images without a need to make custom yocto-built image? If this is possible, could you please show steps needed.


Hi @bbezak and Welcome to the Toradex Community!

Why do you want to install gcc on the SoM?

We don’t recommend to compile on the SoM but use a cross compile Toolchain as described here.

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Hi Jaski,
we and our customer do not have SW developers proficient in linux, so we used visual studio on windows to develop and debug the application. Visual Studio connects to module using ssh and uses the gcc compiler on module. We used this approach with Colibri iMX6 and it worked well for us.
If there is an way to install gcc on iMX8 Verdin, could you please let us know?

In that case I’d recommend to try Torizon.
Then can use a Visual Studio extension or Visual Studio Code extension for development.