Inquiry about Availability of AM62A or AM62-LP Systems on Module

Hello Toradex Community,

I am currently exploring the various systems on modules (SoMs) that Toradex offers, especially those equipped with the AM62 processors. I have noticed that Toradex has developed SoMs with AM62 processors, which aligns well with my project requirements.

However, I am particularly interested in knowing whether there are any plans or existing products that feature the AM62A or the AM62-LP processors. These variants might offer enhancements that could be crucial for my application’s needs.

Could someone from the Toradex team or anyone familiar with the product lineup confirm the availability of SoMs with these specific processors? Additionally, if these are not currently available, are there any plans to include them in your future product roadmap?

Thank you for your assistance!

Best regards,
Lía Gómez

Although we are considering the use of an AM62A SoC in our future designs, we do not currently have any concrete plans to manufacture such modules. As for the AM62-LP based modules, we have not yet conducted a market evaluation.

Thank you for your prompt and informative response regarding the potential use of AM62A SoCs in future designs. Understanding that there are currently no concrete plans for SoMs with AM62A or AM62-LP processors, I am interested in exploring a custom solution that would meet specific requirements for my project.

Could Toradex consider developing a custom SoM incorporating the AM62A processor? If so, could you provide some insight into the process for initiating such a project, including potential costs, minimum order quantities, and development timelines?

Thank you for considering this request. I am eager to hear more about how we might proceed.

Yes, we can develop a Verdin SOM based on the AM62A processor. Please provide your specific requirements and indicate the quantity of SOMs you wish to purchase, either as a one-time order or on an annual basis.