Input capture/Output compare on PWM pin

In VFxx Datasheet, section 5.12 PWM there is the description of all the features for PWM pins.
I’m interested in Input capture and output compare features, but I can’t find a way to get them using Toradex libraries under Win CE6.
I’ve successfully used the library to generate PWM signal (square wave with duty cycle).
Is there a separate library for this functionality?

No sorry, our library does not support that. You will have to use MapMem library to access registers directly and configure PWM the way you want it.

Coul you provide a KB example with some source code to configure PWM in this way, please?

I am sorry but we do not provide sample for this. Using reference manual and mapmem lib you should be able to easily create this.

Where can I find this mapmem lib?

For WinCE you can find the library here

Also provide link to memmap library documentation for linux

@amolyp Please do not hijack old threads . The concept of libraries as in WinCE is not applicable to Linux. What exactly is it that you want to try?

Sorry thought it was similar question hence posted here. We are switching from tiny6410(friendlyarm) to VF50 module. We have kernel module to drive stepper motor in terms of steps and speed from (82Hz to 10KHz). We need help to port the driver for VF50 module.

Hello @vix ,
can you suggest how to read the data from rotary encoder using PWM pin (30) and ( 67), I think it is possible with Input capture mode also?
Environment : IMX7D and WINCE