Information for kernel

Hi Team,

can you explain me the difference between linux-toradex kernel and mainline linux kernel?

which is good for using with the Toradex Soc Module ?

On which we get support from the toradex community for any driver related issue ?

Right now , In yocto project Zeus (3.0) , with meta-freescale-3rdparty layer ,you are using the linux-toadex kernel 4.14 something and in meta-toradex-bsp-common layer the mainline kernel is 5.4.

FYI: In the latest software release of your module image 3.04b you gave kernel 4.14 .

So which kernel I have to use with yocto project Zeus (3.0) ?

Which is the stable kernel for colibri-imx6ull module ?



Welcome to Toradex Community!

Toradex is supporting the linux-toradex kernel. However if you want to use Mainline kernel you need to test it thoroughly at your end.

For Toradex Linux strategy and release roadmaps, please see this article.

For i.MX6ULL stable kernel-related information see here. Its Kernel-4.14.