Industrial mSata SSD suggestion


I am looking for an industrial msata SSD module. I am finding it hard to find a suitable one that is in stock.

I am using below configuration.
Apalix IMX6
Ixora Carrier Board

From the datasheet, I see that
Apalis IMX6 supports Single Gen 2 SATA link - maximum transfer rate 3Gb/s
Ixora has mSata Connector.

Most of the msata SSD drives are Gen 3.
Can you please recommend an industrial mSata SSD drive?

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I used a Swissbit X-60 mSATA 60GB SSD with an Ixora v1.2A carrier board and an Apalis iMX8QM CoM. It is SATA III SSD, but SATA III devices are backward compatible with SATA II interfaces. (You can verify this by looking at its datasheet, stating it is compatible with SATA Gen2). It is also available in 8/16/30/60/120/240/480GB sizes.


Thank you for your response. I understand that I can use any sata III device.
I will then purchase one and try it out

Thank you again
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Hello again,

Thanks a lot. I purchased a kingston KC600 msata Sata 3 and initial tests were successfull with apalis imx 6

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