Industrial IOT using Toradex

Hello all
Im a beginnner with Toradex and have dabbled with Raspberry Pi and Arduino earlier
I have an industrial application where i want to connect Thermocouple, pressure sensor, level sensor and also a 24 V solenoid relay. Some sensors are 5V and some are 24 V. I need to transmit data to a server and also dsiplay output on LCD.

Please let me know what Toradex model to buy and also what to use to code.

Again sorry about the basic question.

@atulkatti, sorry for the delay in answering. If you mainly want some basic hardware controlled and don’t want any fancy graphics (3D acceleration, etc.) then we can for sure recommend our Colibri iMX6ULL devices. They bring many interfaces for sensors and actuators have good connectivity at this all at a very low price:
If you are looking for a system on module (SoM) which supports real-time operations in a second Cotrex M4 core, you might want to look at our Colibri iMX7 products:
We have an Evaluation Board which lets you connect many sensors as we have a big break-out area with pin headers for pretty much all pins available at our SoMs:
However, in your case, you might also be interested in our Aster carrier board which features an Arduino shield interface as well as a connector compatible to the pin header used on RasPi which make Aster an ideal platform to seamlessly transition from Arduino or RasPi products:
I hope this input helps. Otherwise, please let us know. Please create new questions in this community for specific questions.

Guys any response on this ?

Thanks Roman.tx for your response. Could you also let me know about the reliability of these boards in industrial environment. Im concerned about that as Raspberry Pi and Arduino cant be used in these cases

@atulkatti, well, that’s exactly one of our differentiators compared to community boards. We focus on reliability and robustness from the beginning at the design stage. We use industrial grade components only, including processors which have 24/7 100% on-time operation guaranteed, even at extreme temperatures (-40° to 85°C). We test our products in harsh environments, including temperature tests, shock and vibration tests, etc. Additionally, we have thousands of customers using our standard products in all kind of vertical markets, from transportation, medical, automotive, test and measurement, and many more. Their feedback helps us improving our products also on the software side so we can offer very stable and production ready software too.
Here you can find a few links related to the reliability/robustness of your products:
Also on our main website:

Thanks…finally…could you please share some tutorials for the above mentioned scenarios including hardware connections and code

@atulkatti we offer to our customers the complete Altium projects of all the carrier boards and evaluation boards we designed to work with our modules. These projects can be downloaded from our developer website:

On the same website, you can find the Colibri and Apalis design guides as well as a really detailed layout design guide:

These guides are generic, so I am not sure you can find detailed information about the scenarios you are planning to implement. Nevertheless, I am sure this material can be really useful and a good starting point for your design.

We also provide a powerful tool, the pinout designer, which will help you to explore and select the interface available on our modules. This tool will also allow you to check the compatibility across modules belonging to the same family to design a carrier board which can be easily upgraded in the future if the next application requires, for example, a different module with higher performances.

Regarding the software, you can find several useful threads in this community or also on our developer website, in the software section:

thanks for your help

You are welcome. Have a nice weekend.