Increase in CPU usage between WEC2013 V1.1beta2 and V1.1beta4 on iMX6

I have noticed a large increase in CPU usage after moving from V1.1beta2 to V1.1beta4.

Doing a comparison between stock images with no additional software running, I observed the following on Colibri Monitor:

  • 1.1Beta2 CPU usage on both cores is at 0%.
  • 1.1Beta4 CPU usage on both cores is around 87%.

This seems very high to me. Is this level of CPU usage while idle to be expected? Will it be at this level in the upcoming V1.1 release?

It’s actually not CPU usage issue, is an issues with colibri monitor.
We changed the way processor idle is implemented, to solve some stability issues, and we were not able to count the time spent in idle in a reliable way. If you switch to process view you will see that the processor time used by the different processes, including the kernel, will be very low when the system is not active.
We documented the issue here:

Okay, thanks for the info. My apologies for not spotting it in the release list.