Increase bluettoth power in IMX8 board


I’m working on the board Apalis iMX8QP 2GB WBV1.0B mounted on the Apalis IMX8.

I installed on it an embedded Linux image developed with Yocto. All is working fine.

However, I have some problems with the Bluetooth.

I connected to the board, the antenna Chang Hong DA-2458-02RP-SMA V1.0A with the cable Antenna Cable MHF4 toRP-SMA 200mm V1.0A.

The board should find some Bluetooth sensors. The sensors are set with the highest transmission power possible. For example, with a smartphone they can be found also at a distance of 20-30 meters.

If I use the board, I can find the sensors only in a distance range of 10-20 centimeters. If I put the sensors at a distance of 1 meter, the board can’t find the sensors.

Is there a way to increase the Bluetooth power in the board?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @magmar ,

Thanks for the question.

Please be aware that the module you’re using is a Early-Access version. So there might be unpredictable behaviour.

About the Bluetooth power we’ll send you some information, as soon as possible.

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Have you tried to use 2 antennas?

Hello @magmar ,

Do you have any updates on this topic?

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