Incorporating Basler cameras into Torizon

Our current project is using Torizon 5.6+ on a Verdin or Apalis imx8 (tbd). We’re evaluating different cameras, and one is the Basler Dart. Their site has camera enablement packages for the imx8m plus, V1.31. It seemed to include all the recipes and the device trees and drivers for the module, but it’s for
a straight Yocto build and for zeus.

Their setup instructions require download from a non-Toradex git repo (CodeAurora ) -
$ repo init -u imx-manifest - i.MX Release Manifest -b imx-linux-zeus -m imx-5.4.70-2.3.2.xml

It includes the layer appends and layers folders, but for the wrong environment.
Questions -

  1. Is any of their download usable for Dunfell?

  2. If not, where do I start in getting Basler cameras (specifically the Dart camera) built into Torizon?

  3. …and specifically for the Verdin imx8mp


Greetings @buchmeister,

Unfortunately I’m not aware of any integrations we have with Basler cameras. I imagine the best that can be done here is to take what Basler provides and try to integrate it into our images.

Is any of their download usable for Dunfell?

This would be hard to tell without just trying it out. It might be problematic if any of the camera related packages rely on being built with Yocto Zeus for some reason. Otherwise you can try porting it to Dunfell.

If not, where do I start in getting Basler cameras (specifically the Dart camera) built into Torizon?

To port this to Torizon you’d need to comb through the Yocto setup that Basler provides and isolate everything related to the camera enablement. Then you’d need to port this over to your Torizon build. The complexity and difficulty here will vary depending on how Basler has their camera code setup and what needs to be ported.

If a driver and device tree changes is all that’s needed to enable this camera then perhaps you can get away without using Yocto and instead using our TorizonCore Builder tool.

We have articles on how to do device tree changes: Device Tree Overlays on Torizon | Toradex Developer Center

As well as integrating external kernel modules/drivers: Building External Kernel Modules With Torizon | Toradex Developer Center

Again though, this highly depends on what needs to be ported from the Basler side of things.

…and specifically for the Verdin imx8mp

I’m not sure I quite understand this question. But, to make this “specific” for a module you’d need to enable the camera in that module’s device tree. All device trees for our modules should be available in our Linux kernel here: freescale « dts « boot « arm64 « arch - linux-toradex.git - Linux kernel for Apalis, Colibri and Verdin modules

Best Regards,