In Use Program memory fluctuation in Ideal Mode

My Device is in Ideal Condition.after some time my system shows error Message.
Program Memory is critically low.
because of that my application was stop.
Please Suggest corrective action.


You tagged imx6 but it seems that you are using a vybrid-based device. Please fix this.
It looks like a memory leak. What happens if you close your own application and start it again? Does it work again for some time?

after some time again show same message …program memory critical low Popup display and within that show my application name

if i close my application. again start application it work for some time

Dear @programmer

There’s two potential corrective actions

  1. Debug your application and find why it looses memory.
    Your application might have a bug and loose memory over time.
  2. Use a different module with more memoy
    If your application actually uses a lot of memory, the VFxx might not offer a sufficient amount of RAM. In this case switching to a different module would be the solution.

Regards, Andy