In iMX6S Board Rev 0.0A: Gamma Settings Change Required

I need to improve readability of text for my app which is using a 7-inch (diagonal) display with resolution 800x480. The text readability is significantly reduced at slightly slanted viewing angles even though the app UI is simply white background with black text.

Please support in changing the gamma, contrast and saturation settings to improve this.

Usually, in a Linux based system, these can be modified by configuring the X11 XWindow system or Color Management Systems like dispwin or tools like Xandr and xgamma. What is the support available on this Colibri Board for these functions?

Colibri iMX6S 256MB V0.0A
Colibri Evaluation Board

Hi @mohamed.wasif,

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Regarding your query, I can see you are still using LXDE based image which probably running on X11. Please check if xrandr tool is present then may be you can do some changes.

Please note the issue may be related to display viewing angle and can be easily fixed if you get wide angle of view display.
Also the image is no longer supported, with newer BSP for display wayland/Weston is used, unfortunately there also I do not see any direct tool for modifying gamma and contrast.

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Ritesh Kumar