iMX8X Audio Decoupling at LINE_IN


I’m designing a carrier for the iMX8X and need to bring audio signals from the carrier to the iMX8X at it’s LINE_IN_LEFT & LINE_IN_RIGHT pins.

Can expect that LINE_IN_XXX signals are AC coupled on the iMX8X, or if this must be handled on the carrier board?

I see that the typical application circuit for the SGTL5000 shows 1uF capacitors in series on LINE_IN_LEFT and LINE_IN_RIGHT. It seems that a schematic for the iMX8X is not available to verify this easily on my own.

EDIT: I’d also like to know the voltage applied to the SGTL5000 at its VDDA (it is specified at 3.3V and 1.8V), so that I can drive LINE_IN_XXX at the appropriate levels.



LINE_in_L/R signals do have a 1uF decoupling capacitors. As about supply voltages - Please check schematic snippet below:


Beautiful. Thank you for the quick reply!