IMX8QXP V1.0b Faulty ddr, or extreme memory corruption

Hello Toradex,

So when i run the memtester on my clean I.MX8qxp module. After having lots of stability problems.

colibri-imx8x-v10b login: root
Last login: Mon Feb 15 16:11:02 UTC 2021
root@colibri-imx8x-v10b:~# memtester 100mb
memtester version 4.3.0 (64-bit)
Copyright (C) 2001-2012 Charles Cazabon.
Licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 (only).

pagesize is 4096
pagesizemask is 0xfffffffffffff000
[ant 100MB (104857600 bytes)
  g1o6t 97 .170033M2B2 8(]10 a4u8d5i7t6:0 0t ybpyete=1s)70,1  taruydinitg( m16l1oc3k40 ..7.151.926:3): auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 ses=4294967295 pid=587 comm="QSGRenderThread" exe="/usr/share/cinematicexperience-1.0/Qt5_CinematicExperience" sig=4 res=1
Loop 1:
  Stuck Address       [:  1 6 9  7 .7 5 9 0 5 1 speet=1t7in0g1  a u d0it(1613407151.954:4): auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 ses=4294967295 pid=439 comm="weston" exe="/usr/bin/weston" sig=4 res=1
[ 1697.776574] audit: type=1701 audit(1613407151.954:5): auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 ses=4294967295 pid=284 comm="systemd-journal" exe="/lib/systemd/systemd-journald" sig=11 res=1
[ 1697.793089] audit: type=1701 audit(1613407151.954:6): auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 ses=4294967295 pid=618 comm="systemd" exe="/lib/systemd/systemd" sig=11 res=1
[ 1697.812408] audit: type=1701 audit(1613407151.990:7): auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 ses=4294967295 pid=567 comm="weston-desktop-" exe="/usr/libexec/weston-desktop-shell" sig=4 res=1
[ 1697.828737] audit: type=1701 audit(1613407151.990:8): auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 ses=4294967295 pid=564 comm="weston-keyboard" exe="/usr/libexec/weston-keyboard" sig=11 res=1
[ 1697.828761] audit: type=1701 audit(1613407152.006:9): auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 ses=4294967295 pid=375 comm="weston-launch" exe="/usr/bin/weston-launch" sig=11 res=1
[ 1697.828774] audit: type=1701 audit(1613407152.006:10): auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 ses=4294967295 pid=345 comm="systemd-logind" exe="/lib/systemd/systemd-logind" sig=11 res=1                                                                                                                      testing   0FAILURE: possible bad address line at offset 0x00026000.
Skipping to next test...
  Random Value        : FAILURE: 0x3feb2a8a6fff6d6c != 0xffbf5e8ad6bfcf19 at offset 0x00026000.
FAILURE: 0xeb9eb9d97ffe85d5 != 0x76e48a0fea3a8f9a at offset 0x00026008.
FAILURE: 0x4ffb4d91dbba00ce != 0xf6f77bf4057ba8a5 at offset 0x00026010.
FAILURE: 0x3bffcd976afd75d2 != 0x3bfed5a923f395ca at offset 0x00026018.
FAILURE: 0xffff6d63e3fda5f6 != 0xef9a835e7edd2a55 at offset 0x00026020.
FAILURE: 0x1cff11c0bbe20c2e != 0x577fa98855bc01a5 at offset 0x00026028.
FAILURE: 0xbdf65354ef770701 != 0xfdaf670377fe9795 at offset 0x00026030.
FAILURE: 0xf8bde12e6ff89945 != 0x7bebc33567bfcb49 at offset 0x00026038.
FAILURE: 0x1fbbc89bd6757676 != 0xdffafa9adfede67d at offset 0x00026040.
FAILURE: 0xffdfd0ce5e7f96e1 != 0x7ebc0f47cf7f44b3 at offset 0x00026048.
FAILURE: 0x9fff43855b9fb199 != 0xef5f4c4f39f98caf at offset 0x00026050.
FAILURE: 0x2f6fc2a83b8f39fa != 0x627b094f9fef43eb at offset 0x00026058.
FAILURE: 0xdffe265b393ef07d != 0x6ee9e993f3dbc301 at offset 0x00026060.
FAILURE: 0xfefbf4d94fbdd07e != 0xe6fec5b46db7d8c3 at offset 0x00026068.
FAILURE: 0xf7ffba81fbefe99d != 0x7cdbb153759d408e at offset 0x00026070.
FAILURE: 0xa6f7802f4bdfa768 != 0x2bdfab43b5ff9647 at offset 0x00026078.
FAILURE: 0x5ffe89955bffcb40 != 0x7cdfa639f5d52a86 at offset 0x00026080.
FAILURE: 0x72f11a2a5fef78c2 != 0x7f3ff2dd3ffc40bc at offset 0x00026088.
FAILURE: 0x3fdbf9d1bcff6ecb != 0xfffb5c9365ff6125 at offset 0x00026090.
FAILURE: 0xbecd51c67d7bec85 != 0xaffcefe4fbf7f28f at offset 0x00026098.
FAILURE: 0xff4788b57fffb03e != 0xffbf1350fd946c92 at offset 0x000260a0.
FAILURE: 0xbbfdd9adb46fc5bb != 0x7d7d7a376bbb05bc at offset 0x000260a8.
FAILURE: 0xefdf583cfbff2fde != 0x5e4eb5ad76f2a013 at offset 0x000260b0.
FAILURE: 0xf7c6323cbff92136 != 0x765b5221fcdf06cd at offset 0x000260b8.
FAILURE: 0xedf6f5246f5e1634 != 0x7977b320fdfdaddb at offset 0x000260c0.
FAILURE: 0x8fff4e984cff6cfd != 0xeef7a08dfdb8e529 at offset 0x000260c8.
FAILURE: 0xfbfdb9510b9f04e2 != 0x7f7fbc02bbf76302 at offset 0x000260d0.
FAILURE: 0xf96f848e7f7d8339 != 0x75b2eb5ffeb7855d at offset 0x000260d8.
FAILURE: 0x3f7fce69ee7f8ad2 != 0xfdff0b23d75bd7b4 at offset 0x000260e0.
FAILURE: 0x55ceb4340c753c45 != 0xddf03744ecf1b0e5 at offset 0x000260e8.
FAILURE: 0x7eebffe77e3fe4db != 0x7eff23ba75db4de1 at offset 0x000260f0.
FAILURE: 0x5e5643697fededf4 != 0x7efe87547b766e36 at offset 0x000260f8.
FAILURE: 0x77eef2886dfa47dc != 0x1f37860177cfe071 at offset 0x00026100.
FAILURE: 0xf7fb931e4e7f8989 != 0xd5be0aa8d7fb23af at offset 0x00026108.
FAILURE: 0xcefd90a277355786 != 0x8fff0be9ff6b7290 at offset 0x00026110.
FAILURE: 0xdefc7fd37efd2275 != 0xffeddc44f767f5f9 at offset 0x00026118.
FAILURE: 0xbd6f0e37cf6bf653 != 0xedede9dc713f6cc1 at offset 0x00026120.
FAILURE: 0x769cfdd5fdbfcedb != 0x3defab1eceff0e11 at offset 0x00026128.
FAILURE: 0xfbbf9ebbfe652fdf != 0x5ff76ea0fff644b4 at offset 0x00026130.
FAILURE: 0x7dd7b9c9bf571ab2 != 0xbfeeb0a07eb13068 at offset 0x00026138.
FAILURE: 0x7a8f21fbfd1ded72 != 0x70ddcefbdbbb5d30 at offset 0x00026140.
FAILURE: 0x7ffb1767bc2f0188 != 0xf4e5d673e65da04d at offset 0x00026148.
FAILURE: 0x5f1f0567a5bfbd3b != 0x37ff0792ebd6d9a6 at offset 0x00026150.
FAILURE: 0xffff33cf6b0ed378 != 0xdfff0acafffecb3d at offset 0x00026158.
FAILURE: 0xf9cb8cf7ffff0472 != 0x37fe9d4c5b6f15c6 at offset 0x00026160.
FAILURE: 0xdf6ffc64db1f8889 != 0x6bff55a5fe6f1743 at offset 0x00026168.
FAILURE: 0xbb7987047ecf7d44 != 0x5bff7fc972ffba39 at offset 0x00026170.
FAILURE: 0xd7f7d63cfd7ced1f != 0xeaef0ee1fffc670a at offset 0x00026178.
FAILURE: 0xdbfffa8419ffad51 != 0xe5fffb7addffb77f at offset 0x00026180.
FAILURE: 0xffdb518c5efdb9f5 != 0x5fce451b5efdb44b at offset 0x00026188.
FAILURE: 0x773807e93ffddc2f != 0xaff16aa975773083 at offset 0x00026190.
FAILURE: 0xafa756e0f3da7dbe != 0xffeb5d90ffdd6a19 at offset 0x00026198.
FAILURE: 0x87f779727ff76ea5 != 0x7fdf33becf6c4347 at offset 0x000261a0.
FAILURE: 0xffae557efcfb10f6 != 0x7efea3b62f7f4da9 at offset 0x000261a8.
FAILURE: 0xdf3faf97edfe1d50 != 0x77e3b681cf7a53e8 at offset 0x000261b0.
FAILURE: 0x7fef26303bb67e0c != 0xbffef284efffa33e at offset 0x000261b8.
FAILURE: 0x2f7de5003faf329f != 0x7bbf7f2df7fabfed at offset 0x000261c0.
FAILURE: 0xeeb7da37f7678d80 != 0x7679b2897dba10f5 at offset 0x000261c8.
FAILURE: 0x7dbf63c5bae61dd8 != 0x75fd02297ffd92a5 at offset 0x000261d0.
FAILURE: 0x9bf71956d2fd9e7e != 0xfdbf3d3879ff5a95 at offset 0x000261d8.
FAILURE: 0x7dfb1dc7774d089f != 0xbdfd7c9d65dbfa5b at offset 0x000261e0.
FAILURE: 0x1f9f0451ffff4fc8 != 0x4c77f866bfef43d2 at offset 0x000261e8.
FAILURE: 0x7fdaa7cfcfff39bd != 0x97fa4fe7736f7449 at offset 0x000261f0.
FAILURE: 0xffff77875cffeeb3 != 0x779f52acf3df306b at offset 0x000261f8.
FAILURE: 0x2f57e326bfde9313 != 0xf35c724435fd9622 at offset 0x00026200.
FAILURE: 0x2ffd0de877fd9f7e != 0xbf7e64907ff941ff at offset 0x00026208.
FAILURE: 0xbff78a43bbbf2c53 != 0xf7e7e8902dfbc672 at offset 0x00026210.
FAILURE: 0xcfdd58ee7fbf3663 != 0x2717d1626dff96c0 at offset 0x00026218.
FAILURE: 0x3f3fd7f4dfd6e9fb != 0xf33bbee4bf7b6e52 at offset 0x00026220.
FAILURE: 0x79d758980177902f != 0xb66cd91f7f2f6632 at offset 0x00026228.
FAILURE: 0xcbffa6db7e6ace67 != 0xdb7b49de9fcf6b73 at offset 0x00026230.
FAILURE: 0xfd9a81b56dff7ae9 != 0xbbdff2036dff6e65 at offset 0x00026238.
FAILURE: 0x1fffde6dfcd72239 != 0x6daf8c36fbfe8915 at offset 0x00026240.
FAILURE: 0xfdf92e90bef75e03 != 0xfb3fab9f9e37577f at offset 0x00026248.
FAILURE: 0xeb767f0fffff5c6e != 0x3df59fb9771bb9f9 at offset 0x00026250.
FAILURE: 0xd6fb55287f7e4eb2 != 0x76fb3ef8fffdbf1b at offset 0x00026258.

Is there something I am messing up? Is there something I can do to get past this. I choose the V10b hw version when I installed the image. (As the $PS1 shows).

I am run this bootloader:

U-Boot 2020.04-5.1.0+git.0a26a04408ca (Dec 28 2020 - 14:02:46 +0000)

CPU:   NXP i.MX8QXP RevB A35 at 1200 MHz at 49C

DRAM:  2 GiB
Loading Environment from MMC... OK
In:    serial
Out:   serial
Err:   serial
Model: Toradex Colibri iMX8 QuadXPlus 2GB Wi-Fi / BT IT V1.0B, Serial# 06494297

  - SCFW 732e719a, SECO-FW 376e3c15, IMX-MKIMAGE 6745ccdc, ATF
  - U-Boot 2020.04-5.1.0+git.0a26a04408ca

A college did the same test at the office with simulare hardware (also v1.0b), had the same results. I ran the same test on our i.mx7 product and had no issue. It’s also running the kernel 5.

Kind regards

Hi Michael

Thanks for writing to the Toradex Community!

Regarding your issue, could you update to the newest nightly release and check if the Memory errors are still present.

Note: The Hardware version 1.0B is not supported any-more. Please talk to the Sales Team to get an upgrade of the Hardware.

Best regards,

Hello Jaski,

Ok, we already order one additional module, but it got delayed. I’ll contact my sales team contact about replacing these. Thank you for the heads up.

For you suggestion, I hope I installed the correct version. But the errors persists. I did only test this on my own module as its after hours I can’t ask my college now. If needed let me know i’ll ask him.

colibri-imx8x-v10b login: [   35.807062] 3.3V: disabling

colibri-imx8x-v10b login: root
Last login: Thu Feb 18 19:15:38 UTC 2021
root@colibri-imx8x-v10b:~# memtester 100mb
memtester version 4.3.0 (64-bit)
Copyright (C) 2001-2012 Charles Cazabon.
Licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 (only).

pagesize is 4096
pagesizemask is 0xfffffffffffff000
want 100MB (104857600 bytes)
got  100MB (104857600 bytes), trying mlo[c k   .6.1..998881] audit: type=1701 audit(1613675790.799:4): auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 ses=4294967295 pid=627 comm="QSGRenderThread" exe="/usr/share/cinematicexperience-1.0/Qt5_CinematicExperience" sig=4 res=1
l[o c k e6d1..999429] systemd-journald[348]: /run/log/journal/d2097244ee3547a58d1289673fea0aad/system.journal: Journal file corrupted, rotating.
[   62.017935] audit: type=1701 audit(1613675790.799:5): auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 ses=4294967295 pid=486 comm="weston" exe="/usr/bin/weston" sig=4 res=1

0o[o p   162:.
 44416] audit: type=1701 audit(1613675790.843:6): auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 ses=4294967295 pid=348 comm="systemd-journal" exe="/lib/systemd/systemd-journald" sig=6 res=1
  Stuck Address       : setting   0[   62.075140] audit: type=1701 audit(1613675790.867:7): auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 ses=4294967295 pid=665 comm="systemd" exe="/lib/systemd/systemd" sig=11 res=1
[   62.089800] audit: type=1701 audit(1613675790.879:8): auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 ses=4294967295 pid=603 comm="weston-desktop-" exe="/usr/libexec/weston-desktop-shell" sig=4 res=1
[   62.106067] audit: type=1701 audit(1613675790.879:9): auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 ses=4294967295 pid=590 comm="weston-keyboard" exe="/usr/libexec/weston-keyboard" sig=4 res=1
[   62.123227] audit: type=1701 audit(1613675790.883:10): auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 ses=4294967295 pid=437 comm="weston-launch" exe="/usr/bin/weston-launch" sig=11 res=1
[   62.140409] audit: type=1701 audit(1613675790.887:11): auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 ses=4294967295 pid=410 comm="systemd-logind" exe="/lib/systemd/systemd-logind" sig=6 res=1
[   62.156287] audit: type=1701 audit(1613675790.927:12): auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 ses=4294967295 pid=666 comm="systemd" exe="/lib/systemd/systemd" sig=6 res=1                                                                                                                                     testing   0: ILURE: possible bad address line at[  o f f62se.t1 7055x0308]06 ba0u0di0t.
0 Stkyippep=i17ng0 1t oa udneixtt( 1t6e1s3t6.7.57.9
 . 9 7R9an:1d3o)m:  Vaauliude= 4 2 9 4 9 6 7 2:9 5 u\d|=995 gid=995 ses=4294967295 pid=394 comm="dbus-daemon" exe="/usr/bin/dbus-daemon" sig=11 res=1   \[   62.408617] EXT4-fs warning (device mmcblk0p2): dx_probe:784: inode #2225: comm connmand: Unimplemented hash flags: 0x00ff                           |[   62.419893] EXT4-fs warning (device mmcblk0p2): dx_probe:880: inode #2225: comm connmand: Corrupt directory, running e2fsck is recommended           /[   62.432500] EXT4-fs warning (device mmcblk0p2): dx_probe:784: inode #2225: comm connmand: Unimplemented hash flags: 0x00ff                           |[   62.445253] EXT4-fs warning (device mmcblk0p2): dx_probe:880: inode #2225: comm connmand: Corrupt directory, running e2fsck is recommended           FAILURE: 0xf3e794a69dff9fe7 != 0x7f5ff9647ff7681e at offset 0x0006b000.
FAILURE: 0xba7f381cfbffff90 != 0x768f189eafbf5bec at offset 0x0006b008.
FAILURE: 0xff422d77f666bbd != 0xf6799738e77f0032 at offset 0x0006b010.
FAILURE: 0xb6ff0cefbceff501 != 0x8f64d479b5ee08b5 at offset 0x0006b018.
FAILURE: 0xf77cede7debffbc4 != 0x7eff80a55d9fba6a at offset 0x0006b020.
FAILURE: 0x3f5bf654fb9f7e1a != 0x2fb92e5d7ee98764 at offset 0x0006b028.
FAILURE: 0x17a618f7bf2b4a9d != 0xffef970f532ddc87 at offset 0x0006b030.
FAILURE: 0x3adf7b423feddf9b != 0x3ccb55a86f1ca511 at offset 0x0006b038.
FAILURE: 0x7fe72ba16bffadd6 != 0x2d75b415fefbba0e at offset 0x0006b040.
FAILURE: 0xed6f1a023ddf1c3b != 0x7fff3fbed7ff7be9 at offset 0x0006b048.
FAILURE: 0x8ffab5dafafb771d != 0x7c1fec73eafd9e26 at offset 0x0006b050.
FAILURE: 0x6f5f3ab73ebf7396 != 0xffff073bb7e45533 at offset 0x0006b058.
FAILURE: 0x6fff627a78dfbb24 != 0x4fdef5cd2e6fa0f1 at offset 0x0006b060.
FAILURE: 0x3b7f899df6b543ee != 0x79f712d6fde7a0f2 at offset 0x0006b068.
FAILURE: 0xefdb4045fba734be != 0x7d7ed10126fffaee at offset 0x0006b070.
FAILURE: 0x1e5fc8e5fce7cb70 != 0xa366ba427ff775b5 at offset 0x0006b078.
FAILURE: 0x7dc693dcadde5844 != 0x2fd7ad30fcff3b0a at offset 0x0006b080.
FAILURE: 0x7dff26acfcefeab7 != 0xfef745bd36b5c3e5 at offset 0x0006b088.
FAILURE: 0x77d7fc78772f9f50 != 0x6b0e330e3fddf31e at offset 0x0006b090.
FAILURE: 0x3ff7cdf338ee5fcd != 0x795d08e8ffffc22a at offset 0x0006b098.
FAILURE: 0x7ff182410fdf893d != 0x6b3f57ef7aef22df at offset 0x0006b0a0.
FAILURE: 0xdfff542ff774ae74 != 0xd3f98b717ffb14ab at offset 0x0006b0a8.
FAILURE: 0xe3735bb62cdb4ffc != 0x2fbb414bfbef831b at offset 0x0006b0b0.
FAILURE: 0x5feef78c8bf91921 != 0xf9ddaf995dcd69e5 at offset 0x0006b0b8.
FAILURE: 0x7fe694b2fb7f3947 != 0xb4f628936e5149b8 at offset 0x0006b0c0.
FAILURE: 0x2fffe5e5eaff97e5 != 0x1fbd5be3eef7a082 at offset 0x0006b0c8.
FAILURE: 0x7f7f85d47fc7198c != 0xd3af6fa97fbfc93b at offset 0x0006b0d0.
FAILURE: 0x7d7b4a1dee5e8435 != 0xcbe5dbf17ff17746 at offset 0x0006b0d8.
FAILURE: 0x5ff6944ae9fed83d != 0xfa3fee817dff9ea6 at offset 0x0006b0e0.
FAILURE: 0xcfb1da9d76ff7cee != 0xfbd55df7ffced665 at offset 0x0006b0e8.
FAILURE: 0xeffe69e469775aee != 0x7becc2eb7ac49ad0 at offset 0x0006b0f0.
FAILURE: 0x7c15e8567d8aecd9 != 0xcbf52517afdcf4e at offset 0x0006b0f8.
FAILURE: 0x66f9e576ebdb3867 != 0x1de6a9a6658de935 at offset 0x0006b100.
FAILURE: 0xd36c4a20fffcadb9 != 0xf9f726a39f7d947b at offset 0x0006b108.
FAILURE: 0xfff707827fdf23bb != 0x5df71d57f9df0ede at offset 0x0006b110.
FAILURE: 0xeff1409fd6f91dfe != 0x8efde91cf79f2d2a at offset 0x0006b118.
FAILURE: 0xfe3bb563f7b1bd63 != 0xcbfe204a7fe35190 at offset 0x0006b120.
FAILURE: 0x7e537cedeff7c654 != 0x6ff57f22473f1d84 at offset 0x0006b128.
FAILURE: 0x314f073cffb74841 != 0xbcf68175dfdfb491 at offset 0x0006b130.
FAILURE: 0x7d7f95537fff6c9b != 0xefdfbd0a7fff4eab at offset 0x0006b138.
FAILURE: 0xe7c65b3ce5fe4624 != 0x7fe79ce5e7fb6c3a at offset 0x0006b140.
FAILURE: 0xfbfd754f7cdd7550 != 0x7b7c198deff59d6 at offset 0x0006b148.
FAILURE: 0xb94bbb23fbeece71 != 0x68be5e6c67fdd838 at offset 0x0006b150.
FAILURE: 0xff6f40fcfe67d0ab != 0x656beed94f771f26 at offset 0x0006b158.
FAILURE: 0xbf8fe2aa7fdf8661 != 0x7df6d133757f8d65 at offset 0x0006b160.
FAILURE: 0x4ebdc861dfdf4668 != 0xaeeb98ab7aa79262 at offset 0x0006b168.
FAILURE: 0xfeae6df833cbbf30 != 0x6ef3633e6eeaede7 at offset 0x0006b170.
FAILURE: 0x2fccc3c53f7d7e14 != 0x3cfbcad377b886f9 at offset 0x0006b178.
FAILURE: 0xc7bbd0ce5fbdc45d != 0xfbf77473372f2b41 at offset 0x0006b180.
FAILURE: 0x3bafb8167fffc2ef != 0xb53ff3e8737f14fa at offset 0x0006b188.
FAILURE: 0xf77dd2b87bf56efb != 0xed37edccdcf799de at offset 0x0006b190.
FAILURE: 0x3faf7dcf747b0a15 != 0xff76f295dbc8ebc9 at offset 0x0006b198.
FAILURE: 0xbbf6cdb6ffb7c011 != 0x7f2f29bbf67f141d at offset 0x0006b1a0.
FAILURE: 0x66f9dd2b4b3665b4 != 0xaeff24189f7fdc87 at offset 0x0006b1a8.
FAILURE: 0x6eef95237aed4e6f != 0xdfefed73fee7a79f at offset 0x0006b1b0.
FAILURE: 0xfece50b173ff77e9 != 0x7ffd07017f751ffe at offset 0x0006b1b8.
FAILURE: 0x7dce90bd4af7679d != 0x6b4621cb77f7b17f at offset 0x0006b1c0.
FAILURE: 0x7e9c75f349fcbc0d != 0xfefad057ffff6808 at offset 0x0006b1c8.
FAILURE: 0x2f3ebbec7dff5c61 != 0x19f7b3adbfd29ac9 at offset 0x0006b1d0.
FAILURE: 0x7ff76aaf7efd9a34 != 0xb7b2baebf7ae6a0b at offset 0x0006b1d8.
FAILURE: 0x5e47f6ecf75fce7c != 0x7e7fffc12fdfa70c at offset 0x0006b1e0.
FAILURE: 0x74ff60bffdff1f3b != 0xe39524a83a1bab30 at offset 0x0006b1e8.
FAILURE: 0x6faf5916fdc74ecb != 0x5bcf4e035744ca61 at offset 0x0006b1f0.
FAILURE: 0xf6b53a2febfccb46 != 0xfe7f8167b3fbd079 at offset 0x0006b1f8.
FAILURE: 0x73f302fb7def13bf != 0xcbf9359f15ffb8e6 at offset 0x0006b200.
FAILURE: 0xcfdc5d6f7bfbc19a != 0x7aee4872fd7fc41a at offset 0x0006b208.
FAILURE: 0x1dfbfad57fdf5316 != 0x7ee322d5dfdca262 at offset 0x0006b210.
FAILURE: 0xefdf84717f5d9dea != 0x2fffe576edbfc266 at offset 0x0006b218.
FAILURE: 0x6d7f4790ec4f4f75 != 0x79f68a95af3f0911 at offset 0x0006b220.
FAILURE: 0x6ffba097fdaf9e32 != 0xbeebed063f8bc158 at offset 0x0006b228.
FAILURE: 0xecffdc5b7fbaa374 != 0xaffb07119cff900e at offset 0x0006b230.
FAILURE: 0x6fbbb3b1b7afe176 != 0x63cf7619abf92bab at offset 0x0006b238.
FAILURE: 0xfdbea19eff7e2f9b != 0xedf9e27f7ffab1af at offset 0x0006b240.
FAILURE: 0xfb37c502bff71869 != 0x7ddb05807b5d2711 at offset 0x0006b248.
FAILURE: 0x6f9b0f31b3f6255c != 0xc9fbd4adbffb0615 at offset 0x0006b250.
FAILURE: 0xe77e58cba9df0f00 != 0xcdfbd5e060769f5b at offset 0x0006b258.
FAILURE: 0x7ff72facdfdf48ab != 0xf97f31ed1efc0fb3 at offset 0x0006b260.
FAILURE: 0xeefdcd25ad93c9f1 != 0xf76f5cae7fcf59fd at offset 0x0006b268.
FAILURE: 0x6f6ed3daa7dbc00b != 0xfebf5cc5dedfec39 at offset 0x0006b270.
FAILURE: 0xbfabdc217fbf3e38 != 0x1ffc4a923d5a7e97 at offset 0x0006b278.
FAILURE: 0x7dd396b87bfb7ccd != 0x767ffc7651f65804 at offset 0x0006b280.
FAILURE: 0xb53f5f086ebb1b92 != 0x7f9da6107aff2a4b at offset 0x0006b288.
FAILURE: 0x7eef00b77f9f01dc != 0x337f48897e7b34e1 at offset 0x0006b290.
FAILURE: 0x35dc043477f2f9dd != 0xfc7df8db2ff97edf at offset 0x0006b298.
FAILURE: 0x67a86f513d760424 != 0xefd37ca9f97749bc at offset 0x0006b2a0.
FAILURE: 0xff162965fd3fe5f7 != 0xf3be5f9ffc6c3d17 at offset 0x0006b2a8.
FAILURE: 0xfefb3b7c3fbd84cb != 0x7d548dc5fb5e8f43 at offset 0x0006b2b0.
FAILURE: 0xe7cb4785ff3d955c != 0x3fdf41357fef056a at offset 0x0006b2b8.
FAILURE: 0x3baa30d6cfde39f7 != 0x7ffe3e20ffb93fa1 at offset 0x0006b2c0.
FAILURE: 0x5da9a761a93ffe18 != 0x7fefdc83379e5eef at offset 0x0006b2c8.
FAILURE: 0xfffe9677fbab019a != 0x9bde9a4c9be74376 at offset 0x0006b2d0.
FAILURE: 0xff7f10d0eef1ce8c != 0xde7d680df5bfbdef at offset 0x0006b2d8.
FAILURE: 0xf3ff3e007775bc97 != 0x77bf50e8f687be0d at offset 0x0006b2e0.
FAILURE: 0xbfafa0c6dcc264a5 != 0xffbdab6639af6cec at offset 0x0006b2e8.
FAILURE: 0xfff24892be57f3df != 0xfdef24757dfb1183 at offset 0x0006b2f0.
FAILURE: 0x893eac73ddeb6e54 != 0x5fef0a096a2ba355 at offset 0x0006b2f8.
FAILURE: 0xfbdf9b6642c76d27 != 0xf3ff745b5cdf2c5a at offset 0x0006b300.
FAILURE: 0x7bbffdd59ddeeadf != 0xcf4b4ce2f7ee75eb at offset 0x0006b308.
FAILURE: 0xecfb6b337ed32ef8 != 0xff791f1a9fa77a55 at offset 0x0006b310.
FAILURE: 0xfdfde7f07df1fc24 != 0x3de57bb7dd9f6bdd at offset 0x0006b318.
FAILURE: 0xbdbcd03470ff8d56 != 0x3bff3ff1fb777d27 at offset 0x0006b320.
FAILURE: 0xf3ff5b4babff4d3d != 0xfa9b250f7fcf2482 at offset 0x0006b328.
FAILURE: 0x739fdb6b8fdf33f4 != 0x37e6e642f15faf2f at offset 0x0006b330.
FAILURE: 0xeacaca596fff6527 != 0x5fb54cf3c1df3874 at offset 0x0006b338.
FAILURE: 0xf25e4a935beda886 != 0x64cf357b86ff122e at offset 0x0006b340.
FAILURE: 0xd3773d8ebfefdcb5 != 0x9a1ff0182ff2698c at offset 0x0006b348.
FAILURE: 0x7bbd7fde7fcf24c5 != 0xffe2417bbf7b9659 at offset 0x0006b350.
FAILURE: 0x2bef0931df7d8dbf != 0x5a7f1c275e7889d1 at offset 0x0006b358.
FAILURE: 0x1b35d9a534f24a60 != 0x16fe2c2177b1476f at offset 0x0006b360.
FAILURE: 0xd7be0d10e97fd8cd != 0x7bfdf10bd74f9ab5 at offset 0x0006b368.
FAILURE: 0x7cd7d8bbe3167059 != 0x6bffa1f7fffbc798 at offset 0x0006b370.
FAILURE: 0xd7b2af09fdbd08d3 != 0x534d9c6af1efb03a at offset 0x0006b378.
FAILURE: 0xb15fa7cee5dd4205 != 0xd3ec64dc7cfd5443 at offset 0x0006b380.
FAILURE: 0x3eff44beedfd8e1e != 0xbddf4a81effc6427 at offset 0x0006b388.
FAILURE: 0xb7fb2a673bbc2c6a != 0xffefa1b2fddd492e at offset 0x0006b390.
FAILURE: 0xbfadd3ccedf30cfe != 0xdf0dfcb77ef919f1 at offset 0x0006b398.
FAILURE: 0x575fd53ee34fe262 != 0x736cd9f8dbc47a08 at offset 0x0006b3a0.
FAILURE: 0xff3beefce7ffcac9 != 0x5ebecd517feba251 at offset 0x0006b3a8.
FAILURE: 0x7f22c7f17fff6acb != 0x6feb5ea3ff3d5e34 at offset 0x0006b3b0.
FAILURE: 0x77de10a2feff7098 != 0xf6e69f7dfdfccf2 at offset 0x0006b3b8.
FAILURE: 0xbf9d24f769bf9dcd != 0x737ed0d65bd723c7 at offset 0x0006b3c0.
FAILURE: 0x3bffd158ffff2e51 != 0xd7fedf06b3bfa754 at offset 0x0006b3c8.
FAILURE: 0x5efedecefbbb2f58 != 0xf8d7826f7f6f3e91 at offset 0x0006b3d0.
FAILURE: 0x3cdf14e5eebc600d != 0x59fac382dd7ba7fe at offset 0x0006b3d8.
FAILURE: 0x6b7f93b483ffcc72 != 0x63deb9e2ff73687f at offset 0x0006b3e0.
FAILURE: 0xb7fcfd9fcdbf4a68 != 0x7bdd36c4fd6ff67c at offset 0x0006b3e8.
FAILURE: 0xbdbed25ef7653c8c != 0x75f974bafebd9074 at offset 0x0006b3f0.
FAILURE: 0xad6428d25dce9b72 != 0x5f67631e37f6ad84 at offset 0x0006b3f8.
FAILURE: 0x79bf5fc13b5fb77f != 0xd57d7e9d5db74f4c at offset 0x0006b400.
FAILURE: 0xfdfd652b73fd2cd9 != 0xffbd593adfebde5b at offset 0x0006b408.
FAILURE: 0x5c3d408d5df2f694 != 0x3feee722afff5acf at offset 0x0006b410.
FAILURE: 0x7ebd98872c7b3f96 != 0x2df756e2f794820 at offset 0x0006b418.
FAILURE: 0x6ebf9911d7f7aeec != 0xf2bf24d45fbab683 at offset 0x0006b420.
FAILURE: 0xfff7a3457dbb5c41 != 0xff35bb6f752ff100 at offset 0x0006b428.
FAILURE: 0xfbedae89ffdb58a4 != 0xadf501b06cdf0edb at offset 0x0006b430.
FAILURE: 0xf67745f1a7b72525 != 0xbdeededb5d7a98c3 at offset 0x0006b438.
FAILURE: 0xdee52d569799d6cc != 0xf85f8dace7eebb1b at offset 0x0006b440.
FAILURE: 0x37edc276531bd67a != 0xf976deaff5fbc290 at offset 0x0006b448.
FAILURE: 0xdf1f5fd6fddf5875 != 0x5d7fb6622bdf7077 at offset 0x0006b450.
FAILURE: 0xdabc23b0bcd92499 != 0xb8b7202d55c15b20 at offset 0x0006b458.
FAILURE: 0xfbeda4154f5e5372 != 0x13b669362df5a099 at offset 0x0006b460.
FAILURE: 0xffb7ccda7f63bcfd != 0xbdbdbea4e57754cf at offset 0x0006b468.
FAILURE: 0x55ee4881be7752bf != 0x7feb130ef9ef2523 at offset 0x0006b470.
FAILURE: 0x7ffd09b83f6e3425 != 0xbdff200bbdbf4f62 at offset 0x0006b478.
FAILURE: 0x1ef354895effc98f != 0x6a7fa5f69ea6949d at offset 0x0006b480.
FAILURE: 0xab3b0e976fef1a02 != 0x5f2da3f45fdf4a78 at offset 0x0006b488.
FAILURE: 0x7f7b6d19f6fd66cb != 0xbeff748dfcff8627 at offset 0x0006b490.
FAILURE: 0xcb7c0a84ff9b4d8b != 0xf7e77386fcbcd9bb at offset 0x0006b498.
FAILURE: 0xf7fd5eea3ffdf5f3 != 0x7efcf2ebf58f0161 at offset 0x0006b4a0.
FAILURE: 0xb6f650b09d39a728 != 0x77bf0bee7ffd71e4 at offset 0x0006b4a8.
FAILURE: 0xf9f7c892daff27a4 != 0xff47b9dcfde710e5 at offset 0x0006b4b0.
FAILURE: 0x7fdd71cbf75d0959 != 0x62f754eefeed879e at offset 0x0006b4b8.
FAILURE: 0xfef966bb7ddbdd54 != 0x1e3b6ac53ffb7f8b at offset 0x0006b4c0.
FAILURE: 0xf7f772f3e92de3c1 != 0xca837369efff690f at offset 0x0006b4c8.
FAILURE: 0x7eac69cf7d7f70d5 != 0xef7e84f2fd7d7cb0 at offset 0x0006b4d0.
FAILURE: 0xbe62d5f13fdf22ec != 0x56ebd07ec769d534 at offset 0x0006b4d8.
FAILURE: 0x5eff5f5df5df609f != 0xdeb5d0bfddbd74f9 at offset 0x0006b4e0.
FAILURE: 0x77c7cbcfd4f6493f != 0xf7dd2cc6eee6fba9 at offset 0x0006b4e8.
FAILURE: 0x7efb01ae73fa66ad != 0x2d9f7de4f6dbc089 at offset 0x0006b4f0.
FAILURE: 0x7866ccad777c39cf != 0x6ba76cd6dfffcdb8 at offset 0x0006b4f8.
FAILURE: 0x1f3f42efbdfaa8bb != 0x7f6b6463d7fce654 at offset 0x0006b500.
FAILURE: 0xfdff0e7a7d7995ee != 0x7fee1746fd7bbfc2 at offset 0x0006b508.
FAILURE: 0x47f6d709edffec9c != 0x7c733e9a7f5a94b0 at offset 0x0006b510.
FAILURE: 0x5f89c52465a6e1d5 != 0x6bff92dd73dfd282 at offset 0x0006b518.
FAILURE: 0x5af62867fdf7d490 != 0x7ffb40796ddb404a at offset 0x0006b520.
FAILURE: 0x3fcf4a3c5ffb8899 != 0x7bf72e58aebc53e2 at offset 0x0006b528.
FAILURE: 0xefd78eb35ff0bf64 != 0x7fee4882b55d7f0f at offset 0x0006b530.
FAILURE: 0xf9735f4cef3f8ec8 != 0x7ec75c93d8ff8cf4 at offset 0x0006b538.
FAILURE: 0x7f8510577ef3581e != 0x735b9a0abfd898c2 at offset 0x0006b540.
FAILURE: 0xffbfc400fb9b971b != 0x5baec2ad29574d88 at offset 0x0006b548.
FAILURE: 0x8bb7f4d1fff74803 != 0xff7d94f63fdb1060 at offset 0x0006b550.
FAILURE: 0x7df99340bbf7de77 != 0xe3ff4c1cffff8b70 at offset 0x0006b558.
FAILURE: 0xf79f6c4db699afde != 0xcffe2a5d7df5f9d6 at offset 0x0006b560.
FAILURE: 0x7c7fd0d77f9b0273 != 0x5ffb07ad7abf04f1 at offset 0x0006b568.
FAILURE: 0xd5f927bd976ebaea != 0xeeaf6224fefe0589 at offset 0x0006b570.
FAILURE: 0x5bfebb0bff632946 != 0xf2ffd0c86ef77fae at offset 0x0006b578.
FAILURE: 0xfb74813645bfea34 != 0x387f05c6cdf31c23 at offset 0x0006b580.
FAILURE: 0xf55f6f71645ae040 != 0x6ffe70f577fec9bb at offset 0x0006b588.
FAILURE: 0x79570506f9771e38 != 0xdb3f4be4d9992dbf at offset 0x0006b590.
FAILURE: 0xfeef521cfe6d53ee != 0xffefbcfdf7fb2497 at offset 0x0006b598.
FAILURE: 0x67cdafb7918f74f2 != 0x5e6f84e9febf400f at offset 0x0006b5a0.
FAILURE: 0x7fe73c4475ede018 != 0x450d6c25decfdcc7 at offset 0x0006b5a8.
FAILURE: 0xbb86393ef4ddeb0b != 0xffd8c901d9fb8d02 at offset 0x0006b5b0.
FAILURE: 0x35fde4b46defbfac != 0x6ebb74cd7bbc049d at offset 0x0006b5b8.
FAILURE: 0xadea95b64fafab22 != 0x3dd525219ed74307 at offset 0x0006b5c0.
FAILURE: 0xdb722b2f393d696a != 0x5fce8a6cdedf9c03 at offset 0x0006b5c8.
FAILURE: 0xe7beb3a60fdbc87c != 0xddcae6ddabfe6e52 at offset 0x0006b5d0.
FAILURE: 0x7c6a84513c6dc42c != 0x93ef82f227fb8b34 at offset 0x0006b5d8.
FAILURE: 0x3b9f20367efeb496 != 0xcbc3b1563d7b9472 at offset 0x0006b5e0.
FAILURE: 0x9cafb085ebebc07c != 0x737b1044f9cfebc5 at offset 0x0006b5e8.
FAILURE: 0xafbf2fb07c7dde0c != 0x79df5389e857730f at offset 0x0006b5f0.
FAILURE: 0xfff8bfd9778f7a50 != 0x7fff8578ee9d42eb at offset 0x0006b5f8.
FAILURE: 0x7df2479873cf5ab6 != 0xd5fe986d2ef940b0 at offset 0x0006b600.
FAILURE: 0xdfb7b0d46dfba2fd != 0xdfff92b57dbff92a at offset 0x0006b608.
FAILURE: 0x6ff94bc2d47d6a3e != 0x6ffca6767d6e1d6d at offset 0x0006b610.
FAILURE: 0x2e6b87e3ee39041c != 0xece5fa65efff3143 at offset 0x0006b618.
FAILURE: 0xbef767891adf0494 != 0xf5f673e59f7fc937 at offset 0x0006b620.
FAILURE: 0xe5fa4d617f5e01d1 != 0xf4fe36ef9ef95d6e at offset 0x0006b628.
FAILURE: 0xffde709776769177 != 0xf3fe2dc4fb7c52d0 at offset 0x0006b630.
FAILURE: 0x5be77d96ffbf85ff != 0xffbf482af5ff5dd5 at offset 0x0006b638.
FAILURE: 0xeeb73139eadd37f6 != 0xfedf1badef6e0371 at offset 0x0006b640.
FAILURE: 0xfff7a4d6febd4688 != 0xfdbb7b393def27f5 at offset 0x0006b648.
FAILURE: 0xf0ce466ceeffc0ad != 0x55fe64187e7f4b17 at offset 0x0006b650.
FAILURE: 0xe4cddf316ffb7669 != 0x7d7fee0375ec0a39 at offset 0x0006b658.
FAILURE: 0x7bfd7d7cdade5ec9 != 0xf7f342117d88e611 at offset 0x0006b660.
FAILURE: 0x6cff400dffa447f0 != 0x6fc4886cf6370379 at offset 0x0006b668.
FAILURE: 0xff774078bf5fe115 != 0x764f13fe5ebc696c at offset 0x0006b670.
FAILURE: 0x677ce52e5e77833e != 0xef63ec044ff63cc0 at offset 0x0006b678.
FAILURE: 0xfbff47cafee3f874 != 0x56f965c8fd51b614 at offset 0x0006b680.
FAILURE: 0x7efd9628fcd5dd3a != 0xffab3cccf5f702b1 at offset 0x0006b688.
FAILURE: 0xbde7efc3eff6aae4 != 0x7fca236b316fff62 at offset 0x0006b690.
FAILURE: 0x695d62b0f72d15af != 0x2fbfca231e3e7357 at offset 0x0006b698.
FAILURE: 0x74fa9c4ade77ab0b != 0x797bdd0b67778535 at offset 0x0006b6a0.
FAILURE: 0xf7ffd5123fbb8cfb != 0xdaaf9ce9f5e71ba8 at offset 0x0006b6a8.
FAILURE: 0x7ef3cc62b798d39a != 0xad37def8cbfc0d0f at offset 0x0006b6b0.
FAILURE: 0x57fbd5257defc7f7 != 0x49cf4c56ffded2ae at offset 0x0006b6b8.
FAILURE: 0xcb7f120cbffd0990 != 0x8ce78a00f6ef9320 at offset 0x0006b6c0.
FAILURE: 0xffdfff68ff6e84c9 != 0xf7fb66ccdf3f67b1 at offset 0x0006b6c8.
FAILURE: 0x2faf84b1ff7bbe20 != 0x7f7fe399bfbd9ba7 at offset 0x0006b6d0.
FAILURE: 0xf7df50faffd5c78f != 0x7fff70ae7ff9b9f1 at offset 0x0006b6d8.
FAILURE: 0x77ba48473ddfc99b != 0x7faf68670fd9b331 at offset 0x0006b6e0.
FAILURE: 0x7edf659537ff32e5 != 0xcedbc7d5b7fdb637 at offset 0x0006b6e8.
FAILURE: 0x3e7fc4a7ffefe387 != 0xd7f753edadff71c9 at offset 0x0006b6f0.
FAILURE: 0xfbff5d577ff3b6bb != 0x547a0d16ffff5262 at offset 0x0006b6f8.
FAILURE: 0xc0fc6be96b721798 != 0xefaecd3b7c1f5de4 at offset 0x0006b700.
FAILURE: 0xbf69a7167bdf5a7e != 0xd7bd7b537fefbe3f at offset 0x0006b708.
FAILURE: 0x58ffcc0e5fdf132a != 0x5fff2ca9ffd70caa at offset 0x0006b710.
FAILURE: 0xffbfec6e7db50a4c != 0xf6df68e5f1efeb11 at offset 0x0006b718.
FAILURE: 0xd7f74d53f7fc520f != 0xbef205c2cfffd69d at offset 0x0006b720.
FAILURE: 0x8ffc2a7dff7de4df != 0x8cd66d1be7af7464 at offset 0x0006b728.
FAILURE: 0xcdef8b73fdcb88f0 != 0xe72d501b7df7614c at offset 0x0006b730.
FAILURE: 0x3fae73e4dfdd582e != 0xf3ff2aa5f7fdf449 at offset 0x0006b738.
FAILURE: 0x6fcffff8b70f4b1f != 0x7f2d99317e972be8 at offset 0x0006b740.
FAILURE: 0xb5bd0c27df3dd2d6 != 0xeaf717c257fb7372 at offset 0x0006b748.
FAILURE: 0xfeb1be3cffaaf53d != 0xdb9f440eedffe1c3 at offset 0x0006b750.
FAILURE: 0xff9dc0b90e8fdf5f != 0xcdd746b76cf97e3f at offset 0x0006b758.
FAILURE: 0x3bffd370ffefc0f4 != 0x7cfd6b16dd3f1a10 at offset 0x0006b760.
FAILURE: 0xfdffb6636bd7ed12 != 0xee76e1b13dfe9939 at offset 0x0006b768.
FAILURE: 0x76c36e39eb3d2aa1 != 0xfacf74a29fd78efe at offset 0x0006b770.
FAILURE: 0xfeefb5aeffa6c1eb != 0x975fae357ff69728 at offset 0x0006b778.
FAILURE: 0x7dcef295ffbf5cb5 != 0xdbb0d574ef775beb at offset 0x0006b780.
FAILURE: 0x7fafb2a879e6d6f1 != 0xcfdfad37f96f31a2 at offset 0x0006b788.
FAILURE: 0xff2e158cfe671b8e != 0x73654f79f67f9e38 at offset 0x0006b790.
FAILURE: 0xfaedcbb7ff3fe452 != 0x1df9e0395b7fe2aa at offset 0x0006b798.
FAILURE: 0xb5762c5cf3db9d15 != 0xfdfb71545b972380 at offset 0x0006b7a0.
FAILURE: 0xde6f4b1abbd32497 != 0xbeff8b2fffd784d2 at offset 0x0006b7a8.
FAILURE: 0x6f3d0029f5db9b71 != 0x13fdb7406dfd9f19 at offset 0x0006b7b0.
FAILURE: 0x7f5ed208c4fd6b7e != 0x3ff397187dceacdb at offset 0x0006b7b8.
FAILURE: 0xca776a665f0ec35a != 0x58e7f951fecd59c3 at offset 0x0006b7c0.
FAILURE: 0xffdff7bf5f6b8df2 != 0xcf6ed824679f97ce at offset 0x0006b7c8.
FAILURE: 0xb9a3667a37f7e390 != 0x765f9ecb7fb7bdcf at offset 0x0006b7d0.
FAILURE: 0xf7f3a46ed5cfd159 != 0xe2f9527eefd7ca54 at offset 0x0006b7d8.
FAILURE: 0x7f6e6d29be5fb38a != 0xfdd59d342c7e16d8 at offset 0x0006b7e0.
FAILURE: 0xf879f895fefe7196 != 0xfbafaa8f77ef2835 at offset 0x0006b7e8.
FAILURE: 0x4dd7275afd6eae96 != 0xe75eaf7b7fd3c744 at offset 0x0006b7f0.
FAILURE: 0x5a156a63dffabdff != 0x7edffd8ff6f6b31f at offset 0x0006b7f8.
FAILURE: 0xa75fe248fe77f1d8 != 0x7deb7ce6573b9d69 at offset 0x0006b800.
FAILURE: 0x7fdb1ba5f63fe752 != 0x77bf984977f67ca9 at offset 0x0006b808.
FAILURE: 0xcbff294befffb450 != 0x3afa6b3dbdfcb619 at offset 0x0006b810.
FAILURE: 0x9fed92c5fffe9e84 != 0xe4efdaf17dfe818f at offset 0x0006b818.
FAILURE: 0x73cef417fefcb831 != 0x987f6e4379fea08a at offset 0x0006b820.
FAILURE: 0x2dfb2a305bfbe56b != 0xf9bf3412fbef7aa1 at offset 0x0006b828.
FAILURE: 0xbce936cff9ff4aec != 0x4bff900e9fdf2a20 at offset 0x0006b830.
FAILURE: 0x49ebae16db5f75fd != 0xff3fb60473ff847e at offset 0x0006b838.
FAILURE: 0x7ff58a45a5fe6a66 != 0x25ffea22aefb87f6 at offset 0x0006b840.
FAILURE: 0x5bb9e7a03bee2809 != 0x15bf571eca7fb980 at offset 0x0006b848.
FAILURE: 0xdc591c9cefefdea5 != 0x6ffb3f175b4f8017 at offset 0x0006b850.
FAILURE: 0x7f2962035f1aaf50 != 0x5be7f0075edb922e at offset 0x0006b858.
FAILURE: 0x7fa5cf38fbe942c7 != 0x73be9a0eee60771c at ^C

[    0.000000] Linux version 5.4.91-5.2.0-devel+git.ccd54780ad9a (oe-user@oe-host) (gcc version 9.3.0 (GCC)) #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Feb 17 16:44:32 UTC 2021

U-Boot 2020.04-5.2.0-devel+git.ea16d2b66c9b (Feb 17 2021 - 11:46:31 +0000)

CPU:   NXP i.MX8QXP RevB A35 at 1200 MHz at 42C

DRAM:  2 GiB
Loading Environment from MMC... OK
In:    serial
Out:   serial
Err:   serial
Model: Toradex Colibri iMX8 QuadXPlus 2GB Wi-Fi / BT IT V1.0B, Serial# 06494297

  - SCFW 0d54291f, SECO-FW d63fdb21, IMX-MKIMAGE 8947fea3, ATF 7f1187b
  - U-Boot 2020.04-5.2.0-devel+git.ea16d2b66c9b

Kind regards,

Hi Jaski

U-Boot 2020.04-5.2.0-devel+git.ea16d2b66c9b (Feb 17 2021 - 11:46:31 +0000)

CPU:   NXP i.MX8QXP RevB A35 at 1200 MHz at 35C

DRAM:  2 GiB
Loading Environment from MMC... OK
In:    serial
Out:   serial
Err:   serial
Model: Toradex Colibri iMX8 QuadXPlus 2GB Wi-Fi / BT IT V1.0B, Serial# 06494297

  - SCFW 0d54291f, SECO-FW d63fdb21, IMX-MKIMAGE 8947fea3, ATF 7f1187b
  - U-Boot 2020.04-5.2.0-devel+git.ea16d2b66c9b

flash target is MMC:0
Net:   eth0: ethernet@5b040000 [PRIME]
Fastboot: Normal
Normal Boot
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0
Colibri iMX8X # fuse read 0 765
Reading bank 0:

Word 0x000002fd: 00000000
Colibri iMX8X # fuse read 0 766
Reading bank 0:

Word 0x000002fe: 00000000
Colibri iMX8X #

Hi Jaski,

So i used


Kind regards,

Hello Jaski,

I have been testing for about 30 minutes and it seems to be a completely different machine. So i’ll do some more testing but expect that this did the trick.

Are there other peripherals that may also require similar configuration? Or is this the only one?

Kind regards,

HI Michael,
Thanks for your feedback.

No further fusing is needed.

Best regards,