iMX8QM UART Flow Control not working on BSP5

Flow control does not seem to work using a Serial Wrap Plug on BSP5. UART Flow ControI works on BSP4 Boot to Qt for Embedded Linux 3.0.3 b2qt-apalis-imx8 image.

The serial port loops back data with TX & RX connected. But on BSP5 data loops back with RTS & CTS not connected with Flow Control ON or OFF.

I am using stty to set Flow Control On/OFF as follows…

Setup COM2 with No Flow Control:

stty -F /dev/ttyLP3 115200 -crtscts

Setup COM2 with Flow Control:
stty -F /dev/ttyLP3 115200 crtscts

I’m hoping this is something in the Device Tree.

>>with RTS & CTS not connected
Doe it mean CTS and RTS line just floating? In that case you can’t verify if flow control works or not. To stop transmission CTS should be in a HIGH state