iMX8QM U-Boot Build Issue


I’m attempting to configure and build a custom OpenEmbedded image for the iMX8QM, but am a little confused with the U-Boot Compilation section in this article.

In the 2 ‘Notes’ directly underneath the compile code, it explains that image version 3.0 now uses version 2019.07, and has some commentary around what that means for compiling U-Boot. Whilst the latest iMX8QM image is indeed 3.0, it’s still based on 2018.03, so some of the article commentary doesn’t appear to apply.

For example, when compiling U-Boot, there is no u-boot.imx file produced, only a u-boot.bin. If I try to explicitly make u-boot.imx, I get compilation errors regarding .cfgtmp (error: FORCE: No such file or directory). The following boot container section (e.g. SECO, SCU, etc.) all appears to work as it should, but I’m not sure where to go from here, as the u-boot.imx section may apply but I’m really not sure?

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated!

Nothing to be confused about. As we have plenty of different modules and versions of BSPs one really does have to consult resp. tables at the very beginning of that article.

And for the i.MX 8/8X is really all about the boot container which is what their boot ROMs attempt to boot.

Thanks @marcel.tx, I appreciate the clarification, many thanks.

You are welcome.

Best regards,