iMX8QM HDMI loopback isi and display

I am developing using yocto bsp 5.0.
I used hdmi loopback isi for screen casting.
However, loopback and display cannot be performed at the same time.
Can imx8qm loopback and display at the same time?

Hi @JHLee,

Could you explain a little bit better your use-case?

Thank you.

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André Curvello

Thank you for responding

I am doing v4l2 capture of HDMI output through isi loopback.
The captured screen is streaming with gstreamer RTSP.

I referred to this page, but only one of the HDMI output and isi loopback works.
I want both to run at the same time, is it possible?

While you loopback one DPU’s output to ISI you should be able to use the other DPU to output to a regular display.

Please note that BSP 5.0 is deprecated as we meanwhile released BSP 5.1 which will subsequently be deferred by the upcoming BSP 5.2 release.

Thank you for the reply.

Does that mean I can’t use HDMI and RTSP outputs at the same time with one DPU?

Hi @JHLee

Sorry for the delayed answer. Actually we don’t know this. You need to address this question to NXP.

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I solved this problem.
I omitted the gpio-reg from the dts file.

I’m sorry. This was my mistake.

Good to know, @JHLee.

No worries, glad to see that it’s working.