IMX8QM HDMI and LVDS cap 10 inch mirrored

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I have applied overlay to kernel based on boot2qt yocto image . i was trying to mirror the display on touchscreen (10 inch cap) and HDMI on monitor. the kernel going on panic mode. Any idea what is going on?

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Are you talking about a customized boot2qt image? If so, have you tried applying those overlays to an unmodified boot2qt image to discard your customization as the cause of the kernel panic?

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its not customize image, i created image using yocto bitbake. Also i tried using the pre compiled images provided by boot2qt toradex but the result is same. I am unabel to mirror the output to two different interfaces.

Hello @dhiry2k ,
I have been able to reproduce your issue with an Apalis iMXQM 8GB WB IT V1.1A and an Ixora V1.1A using Boot to Qt for Embedded Linux 4.0.11

I also have applied the overlays separately without getting any kernel panics. (unfortunately I don’t have an LVDS screen at hand, but you can try applying only the LVDS overlay and checking if you get an image)

Having said that, Boot2Qt images are supplied by Qt and not maintained by Toradex, so it would be better to ask in the QT support forums.

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Thanks joseph, yes I am able to get image on both LVDS and HDMI separatly but not together.

Alright, let me put a request in Qt forums and see what I can do.

Thanks for your help and support here.