IMX8MP Verdin PCIE_W_DISABLEn function

On the IMX8MP Verdin module, pin 92, aka MSP_3/PCIE_W_DISABLEn seems to be for disabling the wireless interface, the pinout designer calls it Wi-Fi Wireless Disable - however, grounding this pin doesn’t seem to disable scanning Wi-Fi networks on my development board on the mezzanine.

Given the name, it seems to imply it disables access to the wireless interface to the AW-CM276NF over PCIE, but it looks like the module connects over SDIO, not PCIe. Is this pin not useful on the IMX8MP WB?

The pin 92 on the IMX8MP Verdin module is directly and exclusively connected to pin 63 (GPIO[22]/PCIE_W_DISABLEn) of the AW-CM276NF module. For more information about its functionality, please consult the AW-CM276NF documentation or contact AzureWave Technology.