iMX8MP v1.0D vs 1.1A changes


We were using iMX8MP 1.0D on our production. (It was ok for us)
Today I’m asked if it is ok to use 1.1A instead.

On our schematics, USB2_OC (pin 187) has pull up and nothing else.

And CSI1_MCLK (pin 91) is assigned for an external PD IRQ pin but currently not used by the Linux image.

Here the changes are listed:

I wonder that the exact meaning of pin 187 and pin 91 have been swapped. Were those pins swapped by mistake with the previous versions and now they are fixed by v1.1A? (Because the latest datasheet still says that pin 187 is USB2_OC).

Shall we read the status of USBC_PD_I2C2_IRQ (pin 91 on v1.0D) from the pin 187 on v1.1A?

Thank you,

This is a reminder :slight_smile:

The swap was not made by mistake but rather due to an incorrect assumption about using the camera master clock signal for an additional camera interface. After the swap, the functionality of the Verdin X1 pins remained unchanged: Pin 187 is USB2_OC# and Pin 91 is CSI_1_MCLK. However, they are now connected to different SoC balls: USB2_OC# is connected to SAI3_MCLK and CSI_1_MCLK to GPIO1_IO15, as stated in the latest version of the Verdin iMX8MP datasheet. To check the status of X1 Pin 91, you can read the status of GPIO1_IO15.

Our current BSP does not utilize the OC# function.nction.