IMX8MP power supply burn out detection

I have question about the IMX8MP power control. I have not seen in the Ref manual (overseen) and HW for detection of the power burn-out conditions. Is it any or external HW necessary for detection of the power supply instabilities and to put the core in the reset state?


Hello Vladimir,

The SOM works in the voltage operating range specified in the datasheet.
if you want to mitigated sudden power losses you should include measures on your carrier board.

if you like I can set up a zoom call with you to discuss the best approach for your design.

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Matthias Gohlke

Thanks for your Answer. As far as I understood this is no on-board detection for short (very short) violation of the power supply. We want the external HW, this is no such functionality in the IMX8M core.

Example: the C0-plus from STM contain on-chip power monitor and is able to detect very short violation of the power supply, put the HW in the safe state and restart only after the power supply restored for the predefined time.
This is done to protect the external devices (uncontrolled IO operations) and to protect the core itself (cache errors, …).

And this is no such functionality for IMX8M?

The Verdin iMX8M has a PCA9450 Power Management IC which handle power and its quality.