iMX8M-Plus: Flashing internal eMMC from u-boot using external SDCard


Let’s assume that we have a Verdin iMX8M-Plus module preprogrammed with uboot, but we have no control on its recovery pin. Therefore using Easy Installer is not possible. I want flash whole internal emmc content with a new one provided in an SDCARD.

Do we have a instruction list to be able to do that?

Thank you.

Hello @Fide,

Thanks for writing to Toradex Support!
May I ask you to provide more details on what you mean by “no control on recovery pin”? This information will help us to provide you with instructions on the right approach you should follow.

Hi @rudhi.tx,

In our case, what I meant is that the recovery pin of the SoM is not accessible by a user, the electronic is fully covered by an enclosure and no practical way to open it. But SoM is preprogrammed with Toradex Yocto Reference Image. Therefore it has u-boot already.

Mehmet Fide.

Access to the recovery pin is only required if you want to load the Toradex Easy Installer via USB. However, the lack of access to the recovery pin cannot prevent the use of the Toradex Easy Installer if it has already been flashed to the module. Can you please provide more details about your use case? If you want to provide customers with a way to update the image, you can use the Toradex OTA solution or include your own update application in the image.

Hi @alex.tx,

Our final product already provides full upgrade capability to our customers through USB and the Internet directly. However, this is not what we currently need.

What we require is something compatible with existing Colibri modules in our production. The requirement to enter into recovery mode is restricting us and forces us to change the existing flow. It wasn’t necessary to enter into recovery mode in Colibri modules if u-boot is already flashed. The same mechanism is, of course, possible with Verdin as well. But I thought that you might already have some instructions to accomplish that, which would save us some time.

We can use Easy Installer for our purposes if there is a way to jump directly to it from u-boot without going through the recovery mode.

Do you have any hints or suggestions?

Thank you.

Could you please provide more details about your current process? This will better equip me to offer proper suggestions.