iMX8M Mini I2C_2 devices

Just wanting to confirm that there are 3 I2C devices on the iMX8M Mini (on board) at 0x48, 0x49, 0x4A, I2C_2_DSI?

There are no on module devices connected to I2C_2_DSI. This I2C interface is intended to be used as DDC or for controlling DSI bridges on a carrier board.

How about the I2C_1 interface? Pins 12 & 14 on the SODIMM.

The Colibri I2C_1 interface on pins 12/14 (which is iMX8MM I2C4) has no any connected devices on a module as well as I2C_4_CSI on pins 93/95 (iMX8MM I2C3)

However iMX8MM I2C1 has several on module devices connected including RTC (0x32), ADC (0x49), EEPROM and PMIC.

Please check chapter 5.9 I2C of Verdin iMX8MM datasheet for details.