Imx8dx Weston上のGTKアプリケーション 仮想キーボード出力方法


現在colibri imx8dxでGTKアプリケーションを作成しています。
GTKとwestonの互換性がないため、virtual keyboardが出力されません。


Hi @shoji , in Torizon you should create your own GTK application container that uses Wayland/Weston. Why do you say that GTK and Weston are not compatible? You can use this OpenCV container that depends on Weston to launch their application: torizon-samples/opencv/docker-compose.yaml at bookworm · toradex/torizon-samples · GitHub

If you have any reference or error regarding the compatibility between GTK and weston, that would help.

But yes, you can also use XWayland to use X11.


Hi @alvaro.tx ,
Thanks for the reply.
Regarding the compatibility of GTK and weston, I have not explained it well enough.
The interoperability issue seems to be that Weston implements the zwp_text_input_manager_v1 interface, whereas gtk only supports zwp_text_input_manager_v3, so virtual keyboards are not output It is. (link)

Sorry I’m new to toradex, docker etc., but how can I realise running a GTK application on torizon using x11 without weston?

Please help me out.

You will need to use Weston + XWayland so that you can use your X11 GTK application. NXP will not support X11 directly in iMX8, only through XWayland.

Inside the weston container with XWayland enable, try to launch your own X11 GTK application: TorizonOS 6.5 Running a Qt app linked xcb under wayland - #6 by leon.tx

Here you can see how to enable XWayland: Weston - ArchWiki

What is the BSP version you are using?