iMX8 HiFi 4 DSP


I would like to ask whether any example code or manual related to the DSP in HiFi 4 unit in iMX8 exists.
We want to use a hardware DSP unit to apply some signal processing such as FFT etc… on iMX8. I think this unit would be the best to use in this case, isn’t it?

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Please have a look at the following NXP community post:

Hello @marcel.tx,

Thanks for your answer. It is mentioned in the presentation that to write an application that uses HiFi4 a device driver is needed (HiFi4 Virtual Audio device driver) and APIs. Do you know whether any of these available for Apalis iMX8 or for NXP iMX8.

In another slide it was written “Reuse across i.MX 8 and 8X − Same DSP, same TCM, same software”. does that mean that Xtensa Xplorer (SDK for HiFi4) would work for iMX8? If yes how could the compiled code be applied on the HiFi4. is it with a hardware debugger?

In the following Webinar from toradex

minute 51:45 it was mentioned that “app notes” are available for HiFi4. Could you please refer to them.

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Unfortunately, that app note does not seem to exist at all and, even worse, NXP is still trying to figure out how to approach this whole topic in general.

Meanwhile, the reference manual of their upcoming i.MX 8M Plus SoC contains a full chapter about the low-level feature. But, of course, this is all still super secret and only available under NDA. Plus, that does not cover how you as a customer/user could actually make use of any of this, short from writing your very own driver. Should this be of interest for you we could try to get you access under NDA as well.

Anyway, not much concrete as of yet, but we will keep you posted as soon as we get any more information from NXP. Thanks for bearing with us!