Imx8 flash from uboot

I’m looking for flash method from uboot - same as T30 (run setupdate, run update)?
I’m little confused about Toradex Easy Installer - I need reflash new image via serial console or ethernet.
I is not possible to enter recovery mode and flash Easy Installer in final product.

Toradex doesn’t provide any manual same as for T30 for flash another way.

Al new modules are shipped with pre-flashed Toradex Easy Installer. So you don’t need to put module into recovery mode to do a production programming. If you need to update existing image in a field you can use an OTA solution.

Thanks for answer. but…
Why is no more supported u-boot flash? That was easy as far. Flash from sd-card, ethernet or so…
Same as toradex doesn’t support recovery flash on T30. On T20 it was so simple…

I know, new modules have Easy Installer, but we don’t flash new modules all times, we need flash existing modules with damaged system without any useless mechanisms such as TEZI…

Hi @msv_zitnik,

Can you further explain why Toradex Easy Installer is not an option for you?

Alternatively you can build your custom solution by downloading the corresponding file in the u-boot git. This is not recommended. We recommend using Easy Installer for the iMX8.

How do you reflash used apalis module with deprecated/corrupted image?
Easy Installer is no longer available - it was reflashed with image far ago.

We need simple way to reflash image. How I run easy installer? Recovery pin is no more available due to cooler and boxed product. I have available only serial console and ethernet.

Dear @msv_zitnik,

I see that you have the Apalis Eval Board on your side. So I would suggest to put your SoM in the Eval Board and then follow the guide here

Note that you’ll have to short the “pads” on the SoM it self to get the module into recovery.

Let me know, if you had success.

Best Regards Kevin

Dear @kevin.tx
Yes, I have Apalis Eval Board. But it is not possible to disassemble every your product and reflash Apalis via recovery.
Our company make a lot of product such as LCD panels, diagnosis tools, information systems for passangers. Every product have some potentional risk of damage (corrupted update, bad settings or so…)
So I need way to reflash “boxed” product without any disassembly.
In the past, it was possible via ethernet update from u-boot.
I dont understand, why this way is not supported from toradex, because it was so simple with 3 commands.

What is your recomended way to reflash existing damaged (non-bootable) linux filesystem with another in assembled and plombed product?

Dear @msv_zitnik,

the iMX8 has a new architectural design, the boot process is also new and therefore the only way to do this is via the Toradex Easy Installer.

It is not yet clear if the old distro feature will be possible to implement on the new iMX8.
If you follow this link you will find how the recovery mode works. Recovery Mode

We also published a handful of Reference Designs which you can find here Reference Boards
If you adapt your design, according to our reference designs, our engineers can make a review of it. This is recommended by Toradex anyway and our engineers would have warned you about the missing feature.

You can contact our sales and then send the schematics to our support team, which will then estimate how long the review will approximately take. The average time is between 4-8 hours for a schematic review. More info can be found here.
Technical Review

Best Regards