Imx8 core optimization


I am using imx8 (octa core processor A53-4 & A72-2 ) board for biodiversity surveillance system based application. But i couldn’t able to find on which task allocation is the core is working on which architecture for task allocation process on octa core processor. So i want your guidance regarding the core architecture task allocation algorithm followed on octa core imx8 processor

To get information about task allocation by the cores you can use:

You can get or set the CPU affinity of a process in a C program using the sched_setaffinity and sched_getaffinity functions, which are part of the Linux Standard Base (LSB) specification.

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We have been trying to integrate blktrace which is already showing in iMX8 OS layers. But when I tried to run it, it is not showing any output as screenshot is attached below.

Can you please guide me how to use blktrace in Linux operating device using imx8 through customized OS using yocto build system.

blktrace is a tool used for tracing and analyzing I/O operations on block devices such as hard disks, SSDs, and RAID devices. And will not help to find on which task allocation is the core is working on.
Some blktrace manuals:

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So i want to know using imx8 which tool can be used for tracing and analyzing operations on which task allocation is the core is working on.

The perf tool can be used to count events on a per-thread, per-process, per-cpu or system-wide basis. In per-thread mode.

Using perf On Arm platforms

You can also check this thread.

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As per your suggestion used the perf command to check threads per core but unable to find each core power. Also uses perf script -v, --itrace [=p] which is mentioned in your provided link above as a power synthesize power events. Can you guide me how can we check or any tool which can be used to find the core power usage and frequency?

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Could you please clarify your overall objective or goal? Understanding your broader objective will help me provide more relevant and accurate guidance.

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Actually i am working on imx8 power scheduling algorithm but for that first i want to analyze that how can we check the power and frequency of each core along with tasks allocation for better analyzing process.

So during testing, i cannot able to recognize the power and frequency of each core. As per your toradex documentation you have mentioned power of each core. could you please guide me that how can we measure or any tool can be used ?

As I it was already stated in this conversation you can use a lots of Linux tools. Like

Most powerful one is the perf
Unfortunately it’s nor t easy to measure power consumed by each CPU core but you can get a data how many processor cycles was spend by each core. You can also get each CPU frequency info either by cpufreq-info or by using cpufreq_get_policy() function

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