Imx7s on viola plus power consumption measurements

Is there an easy way to measure power consumption on the Viola board? With imx7s module?

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Viola was designed for low cost and considering production use (not for development purpose). So, it doesn’t have any dedicated circuit for power measurement.

The simplest method to measure the power consumption of the system is to measure the input power.

In case you want to measure the Colibri module power consumption; attach the Colibri module to the Viola carrier board and remove all connected devices from the Viola carrier board. Measure the power consumption of the system (Colibri + Viola) by measuring input power. Calculate the input current and considering the DC/DC efficiency based on load condition, it will be possible to estimate the Colibri module power consumption.


For future travelers
Colibri imx7d with both cores enabled on a Viola Plus 1.2, running a 5.4.47 based linux kernel

Peripherals in use:

  • 1x USB serial device
  • Ethernet
  • various GPIO

System services running but otherwise idle:

  • Nominally 0.17A @ 5VDC
  • Peaks up to 0.2A @ 5VDC

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