IMX7D KSZ8463 PHY support

we are designing a custom carrier board using the Colibri iMX7D module. We are planning to add Micrel KSZ8463 PHY to the second ethernet RMII interface. Currently we are running standard TorizonCore image with docker runtime.

I’ve found Toradex Community message regarding Micrel KSZ8463 PHY. I’ve found a list of currently supported Micrel PHYs inside this document. It seems that KSZ8463 in not supported. I’ve looked in other branches, but there is no mention of KSZ8463 in neither. It seems that I should add driver for KSZ8463 available from Microchip website to linux source code and recompile Torizon. It seems that it is impossible to add KSZ8463 support using only device tree overlays?

Greetings @iel,

Yes your approach would be correct, since the device driver you’re using doesn’t exist in the Linux source, you’ll need to manually add it and recompile. You are also correct about the overlays, as device trees reference software drivers that are assumed to exist in the kernel.

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