iMX7 WinCE Renaming all mapped drives with same name+enumerator

I’m using:

  • Colibri iMX7D 1G V1.1A,
  • Bootloader v1.3 (Fixed version in date 2023-02-28 from Mr.Germano)
  • your iMX7 WinCE7 Image 1.3 (official image)
  • Colibri Evaluation V3.2B for the devlopment

I need rename all mapped drive FalshDisk + Usb Disks with an “univoque name + numeration”.
No others drives are mapped/mounted (disabled drivers).
Example of naming:

Mydrive (FlashDisk)
Mydrive2 (Usb HD)
Mydrive3 (Usb HD2)
Mydrive4 (Usb HD3)

Is it possible have this kind of mapping only modifing the WinCE registry?
If yes, which registry I need modify?

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards