IMX7 recovery not working

The revovery-windows.bat is not working. When I run it it gives me the error message in the picture. Using the USB to Microusb cable and it looks like the module is in the recovery mode as the connected display is White / blank. Tried 3 different Microusb to usb cables, 2 different Iris 2.0 boards and 3 different IMX7 modules and all give same error

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I understand you’re facing issues with entering recovery mode on your iMX7 modules using Iris 2.0 carrier boards, despite following the correct procedure and trying multiple hardware combinations. The white or blank display typically indicates that the module is not booting from its internal storage, which aligns with your assessment that it’s in recovery mode. However, the error message from the recovery-windows.bat script suggests a communication issue between your PC and the module.

Given the steps you’ve already taken, including trying different USB cables, carrier boards, and modules, the problem might lie in the PC’s ability to correctly communicate with the module in recovery mode. Here are a few troubleshooting steps you can try:

  1. Check Device Drivers: Ensure that the USB device drivers on your PC are correctly installed and up to date. The iMX7 modules require specific drivers to communicate with the PC in recovery mode. Sometimes, driver issues can prevent the PC from recognizing the module.

  2. Use a Direct USB Port on the PC: Avoid using USB hubs or extenders. Connect the USB cable directly to a USB port on the PC to ensure a stable connection.

  3. Verify Recovery Mode Entry: Double-check that you’re correctly entering recovery mode. For the iMX7 on an Iris carrier board, ensure you’re shorting the correct pads or pressing the right buttons as per the documentation. Although the display being white suggests you’re in recovery mode, it’s good to confirm there’s no variation in the procedure.

  4. Try a Different PC: If possible, try running the recovery-windows.bat script from a different PC to rule out any specific issues with your current PC’s configuration or USB ports.

  5. Console Output: If you have access to a serial-to-USB converter, connect it to the Iris board’s console port to check for any output messages when attempting to enter recovery mode. This can provide clues about any errors or issues during the process.

  6. Check for Physical Damage: Although unlikely given you’ve tried multiple combinations of hardware, inspect the USB ports on the Iris boards and the micro USB ports on the iMX7 modules for any signs of physical damage or debris.

If after these steps you’re still facing issues, it might be indicative of a more complex problem possibly related to the hardware configuration or a software glitch in the recovery process. Since direct support from Toradex is not within the scope of this assistance, further investigation based on the detailed error messages and system logs would be

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Could you please specify which version of the Toradex Easy Installer you are trying to load?


I download the version 5.7.6 and was able to get that version to work no problems. It looks like version 6.6.0 does not work and it should be removed from your website or fixed.

Hello @Gideon,
The most recent versions of the Easy Installer require the association of a Windows driver with the device that shows up on Device Manager.
The necessary steps are explained in the recovery-windows.README file that’s inside the file.

We’re updating our developer pages to add some extra Warnings about this.

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