iMX7 not booting

I am using Coilbri iMX7D 1GB with Colibri Evaluation Board V3.2B.The SOM was working fine but all of a sudden, the SOM reset automatically once and from the next time, the SOM is not booting and the RESET OUT indication is always ON in the Evaluation board. I checked the evaluation board by changing the iMX6 SOM in the evaluation board and it is working fine.How to diagnose this problem with the iMX7 SOM?
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Hi @nishanth1829,

See if you can reflash your module using Toradex Easy Installer

Hi @sahil.tx ,
Thanks for your reply.
I tried to reflash the module but the screen is completely blank even after I am getting
Successfully downloaded Toradex Easy Installer. from terminal in my host PC. Also, in between sometime the module has booted once but the touch was not working. Then when I tried to reboot now, I am able to see the kernel messages but the Kernel panic occurs with the message Fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed!
Here I am attaching some images took when the kernel got text
Sorry for the bad quality images,please suggest me how to copy the kernel messages when the kernel panic occurs.

Describing exactly what you did and attaching full serial debug output as a text file might help. Thanks!

My module was not booting all of a sudden and it seemed that the flash has been corrupted. I tried to install OS again by using easy installer but my host PC terminal says Successfully downloaded Easy installer but I am able to see only the linux penguin logo in the screen. So I have erased the flash completely using this link and even now the easy installer is not loading in the module and only linux logo is displayed.