iMX7 M4 8bit data using GPIO_WRITEPORTOUTPUT();

Dear Community,
I want to send 8 bit data, from 8 PIN at once (single time) using GPIO_WritePortOutput(); function through M4.
To avoid conflict with A7, need to disable 8 gpio pins through (Linux) device tree.

hi @narayanamohan

So what is your question?
Which pins do you want to use?

Best regards, Jaski

Dear Jaski,
I want to GPIO pins in X16 Connection Header (13 to 20) on Iris Board which are SODIMM pins no. (98,133,103,101,97,85,70,45) respectively. as OUTPUT using GPIO_WRITEPORTOUTPUT(); function from M4 send 8Bit DATA at once.

Thanks for this Information. You just need to disable these pins in the device tree files, so you can use them with m4 core.

Dear Jaski,

I tried to do this in device tree IOMUXC. I tried to other SODIMM Pins to pinctrl_hog_1.

&iomuxc {
pinctrl-names = “default”;
pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_hog_1 &pinctrl_hog_2 &pinctrl_hog_3
&pinctrl_hog_4 &pinctrl_hog_5 &pinctrl_hog_6

imx7d-colibri {
	pinctrl_hog_1: hoggrp-1 {
		fsl,pins = <

		MX7D_PAD_SD2_RESET_B__GPIO5_IO11	0x14 /* SODIMM 98 */
			MX7D_PAD_ECSPI1_SCLK__GPIO4_IO16	0x14 /* SODIMM 101 */
			MX7D_PAD_ECSPI1_MOSI__GPIO4_IO17	0x14 /* SODIMM 103 */

	pinctrl_hog_2: hoggrp-2 { /* Camera */
		fsl,pins = <
			MX7D_PAD_SD1_CD_B__GPIO5_IO0		0x74 /* SODIMM 69 */
			MX7D_PAD_I2C4_SDA__GPIO4_IO15		0x14 /* SODIMM 75 */
			MX7D_PAD_ECSPI1_MISO__GPIO4_IO18	0x14 /* SODIMM 79 */
			MX7D_PAD_I2C3_SCL__GPIO4_IO12		0x14 /* SODIMM 81 */
			MX7D_PAD_ECSPI2_MISO__GPIO4_IO22	0x14 /* SODIMM 85 */
			MX7D_PAD_ECSPI1_SS0__GPIO4_IO19		0x14 /* SODIMM 97 */
		//	MX7D_PAD_ECSPI1_SCLK__GPIO4_IO16	0x14 /* SODIMM 101 */
		//	MX7D_PAD_ECSPI1_MOSI__GPIO4_IO17	0x14 /* SODIMM 103 */
			MX7D_PAD_I2C3_SDA__GPIO4_IO13		0x14 /* SODIMM 94 */
			MX7D_PAD_I2C4_SCL__GPIO4_IO14		0x14 /* SODIMM 96 */
		//	MX7D_PAD_SD2_RESET_B__GPIO5_IO11	0x14 /* SODIMM 98 */

Kindly find the image attached. I want to send data to all LED at ONCE. I am able to glow 1 LED.

Thanks for the image and the device tree files. Could you send also the code you are using to switch on/off the GPIOs? Thanks.

Dear Jaski,

Q1) Error in Eclipse IDE. IMAGE ATTACHED.

While Using SODIMM PIN 45 as GPIO in Iris X16 Connector Pin 20.

Q2 ) Unable to get output at
SODIMM PIN 79 as GPIO in Iris X16 Connector Pin 19.
ALSO checked from GPIO TOOL and used GPIO ECHO command.

Kindly help.

Thanks @jaski.tx and @stefan.tx
The Pin configuration

Also thanks for IMX7DRM.pdf

Thanks for the help.

You are welcome.

Hi @narayanamohan

As the error states the name IOMUX_SW_MUX_CTL_PAD_GPIO1_IO1 does not exist. You find the possible names in the file platform/devices/MCIMX7D/include/MCIMX7D_M4.h. I think you want to use IOMUXC_LPSR_SW_MUX_CTL_PAD_GPIO1_IO01 instead?
Also please check IMX7DRM.pdf on page 1589.