iMX7 - Debug Message Buffer not Found!

Following the directions on Enable the debug messages does not work. I am seeing “Debug Message Buffer not found!” when opening the DbgMsgLogger App. Directions to set via the bootloader were unsuccessful.


[HKLM\System\Config] does not exist on the system, and creating the Key didn’t help with the “Debug Message Buffer not found!” error.

Are there steps missing from these knowledge pages that make this debug effort work?

Also, .msgbuf is not a selectable item under dbg in the ConfigBlock tool.

Dear @dpogrady

I tested your configuration and I can confirm the debug message buffer feature does not work as expected.
I added the problem to our bug tracking list, I will get back to you by the end of the week with an update how to proceed.
Is this feature urgently needed, or just for convenience? You probably have seen that it is possible to get the debug messages through the UART_A serial port.

Regards, Andy

Hi Andy,

It would be for convenience. We have a few devices connected via UART so we can see the message stream. We were interested in this feature so that we wouldn’t need to open on the devices for debug/get this set up on all devices.

Thanks for your update.


Dear @dpogrady

I turned out it was just an incomplete documentation. On the Colibri iMX7 you need an additional configuration setting in the bootloader config block.

set dbg.msgbuf = 1        // 0: disable, 1: enable 
save dbg
set mem.dbgmsgram 4       // set buffer size (in kB)
save mem

We are just about to update the documentation in our developer page article Enable the Debug Messages accordingly.

Regards, Andy

Dear @dpogrady

We just released the version V1.3 of the Config Block Editor.
Configuring the parameter dbg.msgbuf is now supported.