Imx7 colibri custom kernel reboot

Dear Toradex,

We’re developing a secure kernel that runs together with Linux and the iMX7 colibri is one of the board we support. We’re currently setting up a test framework to automatically run tests of our kernel on boards and for that purpose we need to be able to remotely reboot boards, even when our kernel or Linux fails to boot. For other boards (such as iMX6 UL) we use remotely controlled power, just turning power OFF and ON again.

However, with the carrier board we have for our iMX7 (picture attached), power is controlled by a push down/pull up button; hence remote controlled power doesn’t work: even after switching it OFF/ON we need to press the board’s button. Is there a way we could send a signal to the board to emulate pressing the reboot button ? I’d rather avoid adding a remotely controlled robotic arm just to press it :slight_smile:

You can connect remotely controlled relay or transistor to pin #6 (RESET_EXT# ) at Power Control Header (X4).
Please see carrier board schematic for more details -

Thanks, I got it working! It took me a while to find the X4 pins on the board, so I’ve attached a picture for people who would like to reproduce this procedure.

Thank you for sharing.
I can also recommend to use a Colibri Evaluation board datasheet ( It has a layout picture with a searchable connectors and jumpers.
And you can use another ground pin located between X23 an X37.

Thanks for the pointer, I had missed the physical drawing figure.