IMX6ULL wifi unavailable after disabling adapter

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We discovered that the built-in Toradex Wifi modules are having some problems when taking the interface down eg. ifconfig mlan0 down or terminating the wpa supplicant this sometimes leads to an unuseable wireless chip the chip is removed from linux (see the dmesg log below) and only available after rebooting. Also further calls to ask for network information with tool like ip link and ifconfig block forever after this event happend. Is there a fix or worakound available?

We are developing our firmware based on Toradex V3.0B2 and forked from this at an early stage when the development came online. I looked for commits related to this but didnt’t have the feeling this is already solved by some commit we missed.

[link text][1]

Please note that starting from BSP V2.0 WiFi connection should be managed by connman

We removed connman because it’s not give us the flexibility for more complex network configurations. Systemd + WPA_Supplicant should be sufficient, connman is only a controlling layer with a dbus-api. I think this is related to a driver/fw issue which is also reproduceable with connman

Could you please provide steps to repro this issue with connman?

Hi Alex,

I Could not reproduce this issue with the Image from Toradex Tezi (3.0b2) and connman, however that configuration is slighty different is seems bluetooth is not working in that version compared to mine.

Connman is using rfkill instead of terminate of the wpa_supplicant and i tested this as well but this also leads to the same driver crash after 0-15 attempts (see dmesg here). I tested also by running rfkill block 0 and rfkill unblock 0 on your image and cannot reproduce this behaviour

I cannot see whats connman is doing how it could affect this. I could try getting connman back to our image and test but i don’t think the problem is related to using connman instead of using wpa_supplicant directly

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Do you have any news on this topic?

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