iMX6ULL Wi-Fi and BT problems

Dear Sirs,

We made one project with Colibri iMX6DL. This equipment catch J1939 data and send this data via Wi-Fi and BT to the cloud.

We are doing several tests with the device via bluetooth. We noticed some inconsistencies in the bluetooth connection when the device is connected on wifi. We made several calls to the device without being connected to the wifi and rarely missed a bluetooth connection (most common was in the list wifis command). When connecting to wifi, the connection via bluetooth often drops. We deactivated the wifi again, and the equipment keeps the bluetooth connection stable again.

I am using the configuration of an antenna only, with one terminator on the other connection.

Like the link below:

ULL module can work and traffic data simultaneously with WiFi and Bluetooth … or is there any limitation?

It’s highly recommended to use dual antenna configuration if you need to work with BT and WiFi simultaneously.

Hello Alex,
Thanks for your return.
I’m already made my hardware with this single configuration.
Is there some better documentation for this module embedded in the Toradex iMX6ULL? Because the informations on the iMx6ULL datasheet isn’t so good for this part.
And, at the link with this configuration, don’t talk about this problem.

It’s clearly stated on that page - "Dual antenna operation is recommended and default configuration to obtain maximum throughput and stability performance ". So with one antenna performance and/or stability may degrade. BT and WiFi uses similar frequency and in dual antenna configuration when both used simultaneously BT is routed for one antenna and WiFi to another. Please see some details here -