Imx6ull - set ip on rndis


I’m working on a colibri-imx6ull. Setting up the usb-otg as rndis network device works fine and there is even a dhcpd running. My problem is, that I can’ t change the network address. I found this in the documentaton:

ifconfig usb0

Okay, the address changes, but after rebooting, the address falls back to And the dhcpd always gives leases in the network

Where can I configure the rndis device?

Hi @tux007 and Welcoem tot the Toradex Community!!!

Why do you want to change the IP address?

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Well, I just want to configure it. I want to have a address different to 192.168.x.x just to see the difference. And to change it in the case the net is already used on the PC which will be connected.

You should be looking at the following configuration which lives at /usr/lib/systemd/network on the target: