imx6ULL-colibri cannot connect internet

We have bought 10 pcs of imx6ull colibri modules and a Colibri Eval V3 board. As i try to install image to the modules one of them could not update the list in Easy Installer program. The rest 9 module is working well and properly installed with images from toradex Easy installer ver. 1.8
I installed 2.8b6 linux image using an SD card to the problematic module. Linux runs correctly but When i try to ping ( google shows nothing back. But it is pinging my local addresses properly.
while the other 9 modules are connecting to internet properly over ethernet cable, one is only working over local network.
What could be the problem please help me
Best Regards

Could you please try to re-insert module? Some interfacec may not work correctly if module installed unproperly. If it will not help you can try to put module in a recovery mode and re-load Toradex Easy Installer.