Imx6ull 1G how to use second USB Interface as Host

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is it possible to use the second USB Port (Pin 143 and 145) as USB Hostinterface?
On the os i can only see the first Port(Pin 139 and Pin 141):

OS is: 5.0.0-devel-20220811+build.8 with debian container

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Hi @toraflo !

Could you please share more information about your setup?

  • Which exact Toradex model are you using? Please share its full name and version.
  • Which carrier board are you using?
  • Are you using Torizon? Or you are using some of the Toradex Reference Images? Or you are building your own image using Yocto?
    • Also, are you sure you are on version 5.0.0? This one is pretty old. Please share the output of cat /etc/os-release and cat /etc/issue commands from the module.

If you are really using such an old version, I would recommend you use at least the latest version of BSP/Torizon 5, which currently is 5.7.1. You can see that we had a lot of improvements since 5.0.0:

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Hi @henrique.tx

Thanks for you Information and the quick Help. We solved the problem as follow:

-installing fresh 5.7.0+build.17 Torizoncore
-Pulling Pin 137 LOW, than the controller starts as expected

Thanks and best regards

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