Imx6 wince7 Splashscreen

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I would like to have imx6 splash screen tool, as i’m interested to have custom splashscreen. Please anyone can help or provide a way to get splashscreen for imx6

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The splash Screen is the picture that you can see while Win CE is booting. It can be changed using the freely available Toradex Update Tool, or another method during production programming. The picture needs to be provided in a special splash screen format. There are two ways to convert a user specific picture into this special splash screen format.:

  • Splash Screen Customizer tool: converts an unlimited number of bitmap files to the respective splash screen file format for the cost of 4 Support Hours

  • Toradex converts one bitmap for 1 Support Hours. (Please send us the bitmap in the correct resolution and with 8BPP)

Where are you located?


Thanks for replying.

I’m live in Berlin, Germany,

How i could do that!! I’m not having tools to do this. I have for Colibri T20 but i need for Imx6. Imx6 uses .TSS extension file. How much it cost for the tool Splash Screen Customizer tool !?

Could you please help me.

It cost 4 support hours . You can pay either on webshop or contact sales. When you get confirmation please send a e-mail to with details about payment and mention of imx6 splash screen converter.


I couldn’t understand the cost of 4 support hours mean!!! Please i would like to have splashscreen tool for imx6.

Payment method can be paypal if possible!.

Please click on the following link: Online webshop for Embedded Systems - Toradex, where you will find the pricing for support hours and have the option to pay for them using a credit card. Alternatively, you may send an email to to request the purchase of four support hours.