iMX6 under CE8 - Can not start deployed app

Hello support!
Please help with understanding of the following situation:


  • iMX6 board running Win CE8 (v1.0 beta6)
  • LCD, touchscreen, custom carrier board
  • Visual Studio 2013 with installed Toradex CE8 SDK v2.0

Can not run any of the deployed apps on CE8 machine.
Doing the following:

  1. In VS2013 create new project from template: WIndows Embedded Compact/ Toradex CE800/ Device Application Visual C#
  2. Create some simple “Hello world” with single label and single button
  3. Build solution (succeeded)
  4. On CE8 machine start: ConManClient2, after that starting cmaccept
  5. CE8 machine has proper IP address from DHCP. Setting this address to Debug Properties under VS2013
  6. Under same debug properties setting Remote path as: FlashDisk (to keep app on CE8 machine permanently)
  7. Hit Start Debugging (F5) in VS2013
  8. VS2013 show error: The app can not be launched for Debugging
  9. In VS2013 hit Build/Deploy solution. Answer of VS2013: Deploy succeed.
  10. I can see my app under FlashDisk in CE8 machine.
  11. Any attempt to run my app on CE8 machine by double clicking on it from CE8 Windows Explorer give no result. App does not start despite Build and Deploy passed OK in VS2013.

Please point me to the wrong part of my steps which may cause this behavior.
How can I run Windows Forms app on CE8 machine ?

Thank you,

If you are developing using C# you need the .NET Compact Framework installed on your device.
You can install it from the package available here:

That works just fine, Thank you! I was not aware that Framework is not a part of the image.

It was part of our first beta releases for i.mx6 and vybrid, but then we decided to provide it as a separate installer to reduce the footprint of the image for customers that are developing native app.
Sorry for the issue.