hi, i’m aware of the DTE/DCE issue with the iMX6 (on Apalis, in my case) but would like a solution where we can use the Ixora board with same cables etc in place regardless of which Module (iMX6, T30 being candidates) is used. Can the DTE/DCE “swap” be accomplished by pin mux / device tree, rather than by swapping TX/RX cables?


I’m not exactly sure what you mean by DTE/DCE issue. Of course all Apalis modules are ultimately pin compatible when it comes to their UARTs. If you are referring to the initial issue concerning the UART pinout we had on our first Apalis iMX6 sample version V1.0A that has of course been fixed in all later versions. Or what exactly are you referring to?


Actually there is no issue with DCE/DTE.

On the Apalis iMX6 the SOC must use the UART in DTE mode to have the correct pinout. Our BSPs configure the UARTs and the pinmuxing that way.

So the UART pins of either Apalis iMX6 and Apalis T30 connector have the same meaning.


P.S. Apalis iMX6 V1.0 modules were different and required the BSPs to configure the UARTs in DCE mode. IIRC there were no Apalis iMX6 IT with the V1.0 layout.

P:P.S Would it be otherwise the RS232 transceivers on the Ixora would not be happy with at least one of the module types.

thank you - I must have mis-read, and been looking for a problem that isn’t there!