Imx6 step by step guide

i am following the steps mentioned in selep by step guide of colibri iMX6 and iris with linux (using torizon) and facing problem in Step 5 of Build and Run your First ApplicationBuild and Run your First Application

it show error standard_init_linux.go:211: exec user process caused “exec format error”:

Greetings @Puneet_Kumar_Pal,

To properly build arm32 containers on your development PC you’ll need to install some emulation binaries. The following document describes how to do that:

I apologize as this point isn’t made very clearly in the getting started I’ll work to make sure this is pointed out more clearly in the future.

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Dear @Puneet_Kumar_Pal ,

Thank you for your input. The instructions on the page were updated.

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Denis Shimizu