IMX6 RNDIS as Host

i am trying to use IMX6 USB as Host and i have a external Device that works with RNDIS protocol
when i use this external device with windows 10 i install vcredist_2010_x64.exe then my device shows in windows network and i can modify it with RNDIS by windows as Host and my Device as Slave
when i plug my device in IRIS career board with windows CE7 it shows “undetified USB device inter the name of driver for this USB device”
and when i try to install vcredist_2010_x64.exe it says “vcredist_2010_x64.exe is not valid windows Embdded compact application”
how can i convert this vcredist_2010_x64.exe to IMX6 suitable exe??
how should i use this external device with IMX6??
“thank you so much”

Hi @Medhi,

I’n not sure what your vcredist_2010_x64.exe does, but i guess it’s an installer for your USB RNDIS device?
It your device is a standard RNDIS device you should not need any special driver or installer, it should just work (on Both PC and Colibri device).
You cannot use your installer on the Colibri platform since it’s another OS and another CPU architecture, it won’t work and there is no way to convert it.
What you can try to do is to force the Colibri to use the standard RNDIS driver when it prompts you for a driver.
Try entering:


(that’s the name of the standard RNDIS driver)
Hope it works.