iMX6 reduce boot time

Dear Toradex Team,

can I ask for a few advice, how to reduce the boot time?
I tried to disable some drivers in the registry, it helped, but only a few seconds.
Is it possible, to optimize the flash to ram process? I’ve seen that another BSP provider uses LZ4 compression of the bin file, with that the copy is just a few secs. Or maybe if I use uncompressed bin image, is it possible that will load faster than the nbx?

Thank you for your help!

Boot time will be improved in the upcoming 1.3b4 release. Boot for our standard image will be under 10 seconds, including loading the registry.
Disabling some devices may help (mostly USB on the go that at the moment has an issue increasing boot time by one second) and you can build your own image, removing components you don’t need.
File format has been changed to speed-up loading, if you have image compression tool you’ll need a new version.

Image and BSP release 1.3b4 is now available on our website. You can test it and see how much it improves your boot time.
Please notice that you’ll have to upload both the bootloader and the image (image won’t boot with old loader) and that to flash the new image you’ll need the new update tool (that is part of the image download package).

Thank you! I’m going to test it!