Imx6 ixora crashing when using 2013 beta 6


Using the due core version has been unusable preforming simple tasks such as opening notepad, viewing properties on files a few other minor issues.

We have bought a quad core which we are awaiting for in the post.

Any ideas? Are these known issues?

Hope you can help, would really appreciate it.

Can you please enable serial debug using
set dbg.serial 1
on the bootloader console and collect serial output when the system crashes?
This can provide us better information about what’s happening.

Log inside pastebin:


Log messages seems to be normal.
Do you have a sequence of operations that always leads to the issue?
Is the device stop responding or you get any error on the screen?

As you can see the first screenshot is before I open notepad, the second is when I do (you can see in the top corner it says “Try to connect to device”) it just hangs and is frozen until you press the reset button on the board.

Before clicking notepad


So this happens when you are using the remote display viewer.
Sorry, but I missed this detail in your previous comments, I thought you were using the ixora using the unified display or the LVDS connector to get video output.
Can you try to use VNC server:
instead of CERDISP, to understand if the issue is related to the OS or to the application.
After the connection closes, are you able to reconnect?
Are you able to ping the device?